Mexican food, food in Mexico, food in Yucatan

Food in Yucatan is not really much different from Mexican food all over the world. But because we were traveling just around Yucatan, we did focus on the must Mexican food and drink in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Food in Yucatan to try out

Food in Yucatan for breakfast

If you’ll be staying in hotels, you will mostly have toast, butter and jam for breakfast, served with a cup of American coffee. Sometimes you can also get eggs – scrambled or like an omelet. The Mexican food for breakfast also depends of the hotel. Many hotels we stayed at did not include breakfast, so we just went to a nearby local restaurant, where locals had their breakfast. And the true Mexican food for breakfast was served.


If you ask me, I could eat molletes every day for my breakfast or as a snack – one of my favourite Mexican food for sure. They are made from mini baguettes, topped with refried beans, cheese and toasted. Some are served with fresh tomato, what did suit very well for me. 


Another very popular Mexican food for breakfast among locals are chilaquiles. The dish is made of corn tortillas, which are fried and covered with red or green salsa. You can choose yourself if you want them with shredded chicken or fried egg. Everything is topped with sour cream and fresh cheese.

Huevos rancheros

Where ever you will end up, you can always get eggs for breakfast. The most typical Mexican food – egg dish are eggs on a farmer’s way, served together with corn tortillas and salsa from fresh tomatoes, onion, chili and cilantro. But nevertheless, you can always get omelets, sunny side up or scrambled eggs. The eggs will come with the brown beans (cooked and mashed) and many times with rice too.

Food in Yucatan for snacks, lunch and dinner


I maybe was not in Mexico long enough, but if you ask me Tacos are the thing and are one of the most recognized Mexican food! No matter where in Mexico you will be traveling, it will almost be impossible to avoid them. But who would want to avoid them, as they are perfect as a quick snack or lunch. I really like them because I could choose my own filling – spicy or not, with veggies or meat…


When ordering a quesadilla you will get a thicker corn tortilla, which will be filled with a filling of your choice and folded in half.


When we ordered burittos, we got the tortillas from wheat flour and not corn flour. The tortilla has a big filling, including rice, so it is perfect for lunch. The main difference from burritos is, that it is rolled up and not folded on half. We did not get any salsa with the burritos, so we ordered guacamole, what was a really good decision, as the meal was much more »juicy« with it and for that we liked the Mexican food much better.


Enchiladas are again filled corn tortillas. Whenever I ordered them, I added cheese which got melted and it was perfect.

Taquito / flauta

Sometimes we had no idea what Mexican food we will get on the table. One of those moments was also being served with a taquito – rolled-up taco / corn tortilla with beef or chicken and cheese. It will be then deep-fried or crispy-fried and topped with sour cream.

Sea food

Traveling around Yucatan Peninsula, surrounded by the sea, you will eat good and diverse sea food. Mexican food actually combines lots of variations with sea food.


I cannot imagine Mexican food without Guacamole. The main ingredient is avocado, which is mashed and richened with fresh tomatoes, spices and lime juice. We ordered guacamole as a quick snack or as a side dish, but it was always served with a bunch of tortilla-chips, so it can also be eaten like a completely separate dish.

Burgers / Hamburguesa

If you are looking for a good and cheap Mexican street food and are fed up with tacos or other dishes made-out of tortillas, you will not miss with the burger. We ate several burgers, but the best was in Celestun. Nevertheless most burgers are made on the similar way – mincemeat, roasted onion, fried bacon and nacho cheese. You can also add ketchup or spicy salsa. Some street vendors also add fresh avocado and a slice of fresh tomato, what makes burgers as a really yummy Mexican food.

Food in Yucatan for dessert


If you have already been traveling around Spain, you for sure tried the churros, as churros are not only popular as a Mexican food, but very popular and traditional in Spain too. You get a deep-fried, crispy stick, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. Some are filled with chocolate or cream. If you ask me, one of the best desserts you can try.


Seeing many stands, selling marquesitas, shows what a popular Mexican food this is. They are made similar to crepes, but when they are cold, they get very crispy. You can add different fillings inside, but we could not avoid the Nutella with banana one. But the sweet dough could be pretty interesting with the salty Philadelphia cream cheese.


You can have different kind of fresh fruit for breakfast, snack or dessert. Yucatan Peninsula and with that Mexico, has a really wide range of tropical food. Go for mangos, papayas, rambutan, coconut, pineapple, watermelons…

Mexican drinks in Yucatan

Coconut water

During our travel to Yucatan we were blessed with perfect coconuts. We first drink the coconut water and then enjoyed the coconut meat.


I know, margaritas, right? But hey, I think no one who travels to Mexico leaves it without a glass of margarita. You can order it with ice or without it. The classical margarita is made out of tequila and lime juice, but you can also indulge yourself with different tastes. They go great together with the rest of the Mexican food.


Seeing the locals and the menus in restaurants and bars, it looks like drinking Micheladas is very popular thing to do in Mexico. Simon and I ordered it and taste it only once, as it was not our thing (luckily we had some good Mexican food with it to correct the taste), but you really should try it. Ordering Micheladas, you will actually get a salt-rimmed glass filled with Mexican lager (normally you can choose which you like), lime juice, hot sauce, soy / Worchester sauce and tomato juice. It is known as the perfect hangover cure.

Aqua frescos and natural juices

The »fresh waters« are different juices, mixed with water – sparkling or still. A popular aqua fresco is Aqua de horchata (milky, made of rice and cinnamon) and Aqua de Jamaica (made out of hibiscus flower). But I really liked the »jugo de verde« – green juice. I liked the fresh taste and that is even before I found out what all is mixed in it. Jugo de verde is made out of cactus, parsley, and pineapple, together with other ingredients, which diverse from bar to bar. It goes great with the Mexian food.

Food in Yucatan is good and you should never stay hungry during your travel around Yucatan Peninsula or other parts of Mexico. You will find something for every taste there, so enjoy it!