food in Naples, what to eat in Naples

Food in Naples is not good – it is delicious! I am always happy when finding myself in Italy, but no matter where in Italy I was, food in Naples knocked me off my feet.

Food in Naples you have to try

Naples pizza

You cannot get more typical food in Naples than ordering a margherita. Naples is THE place for pizza and the city is actually its birth place. If pizza was once food for poor locals, made from leftovers, it is now one of the most popular food all around the world. As soon as you will try the famous pizza margherita you will not want to eat it anywhere else, except in Naples. I am a fan of pizza and I have never tasted such a »plain« pizza, offering so rich flavors – it really all about few, but quality ingredients – the dough, tomato sauce, mozzarella (go for buffalo) and fresh basil. You can eat pizza as a street food for lunch, dinner or snack in between meals.

Pizza fritta

Pizza is really important for Naples, so another typical pizza for Naples you should never miss is pizza fritta. This fried pizza might sounds strange and is probably the most unusual food in Naples, but with delicious dough and filling is still light and extremely good. If I would imagine how good it is, I sure would not wait to try it on the last day in Naples. 


If you are looking for a quick snack or a typical appetizer, you will not miss with ordering frittura. This fried pieces can be seasonal vegetables, mozzarella, meat, rice or pasta. If you are like me, want to try everything, go for a mix plate.

Pasta alla genovese

There is no real Sunday lunch in Naples without the pasta alla genovese. It is made out of sauce, which needs hours to be ready, containing onion, small pieces of meat and ziti pasta broken on half.


Can you even imagine Italy without sweets? I sure don’t and if I have learned anything when traveling around Italy, you should never visit it being on a diet. One of the most typical sweets in Naples is Sfogliatella, which are prepared in two varieties – crunchy and soft. It is mostly filled with ricotta, but nowadays you can also find it with Nutella and jam.


If you are looking for the authentic food in Naples, you should never ever visit Naples without trying the Baba. Even though I like crunchy food, I really enjoyed another famous and typical Naples dessert – Babà. Soft dough, shaped as a mushroom and dunked in rum needs a long process to be made, so no wonder it is so delicious. You can get Babà in more varieties, but you will not miss when ordering the classic one.

Delize (Lemon sponge cake)

Naples is the capital of Campari region, where you can also find a town of Sorrento, from where the Delize originates from. The sponge cake is filled with a lemon cream, brushed with Limoncello and covered with lemon glaze. It is absolutely my favorite dessert I have tasted in Naples.

Food in Naples will for sure not disappoint you and apart from the above 7 must try dishes in Naples, you can indulge your taste buds with many other specialties too. There are many dishes, containing sea food too.

How important is food in Naples and Italy is the fact that Italian flag got inspired by the Naples pizza margherita. Red color represent tomato sauce, white color is mozzarella and green color is for basil. And if you really want to get the real meaning of the »Dolce vita« lifestyle, forget about diet and eat as much as you can before traveling back home and feeling sorry for all the yummy food left behind.