overland travel, travel by car, travel with baby

We can hardly believe it, but here it is – our day of departure… The day to say goodbye, as we are (finally) leaving on our overland travel. I must admit, we are like little kids – after all, it does not happen every day that your long time wishes are becoming a reality.

We should be on the way for a week already, but there were so many things, which we needed to take care off that we almost though we will never go. But here we are…

Where are we traveling to?

Our plan is to do an overland travel from Slovenia, through Croatia, Serbia, and Bulgaria, to reach Turkey. We will be exploring the Black Sea coast in Turkey, while reaching Georgia and Armenia. After its exploration, we will be making a circle and be crossing Turkey again, but this time we will be driving through the central and the coastal part of the country.

overland travel, travel by car, travel with baby

Overland travel to Georgia and Armenia

We should make around 10.000 kilometers, but traveling with an 8 months old baby, plans can change quickly. We will be adjusting to his needs with sleep, crawl and play. But to be completely honest, we now finally have someone with us, who will stop us from rushing.

overland travel, travel by car, travel with baby

Our little munchkin will dictate our tempo

The time plan for this overland adventure is 2 months, as we should be back in mid-October because my maternity leave ends and Ren starts with nursery. Too bad we did not begin our journey sooner…

Oh well, the only thing that matters now is that the travel has finally started and that we are on the way to new adventures.

You are welcome to follow our adventures from the road here on the blog and on our social media channels as well: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Stay tuned! 🙂