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I am sitting in a restaurant on the other side of the world and waiting for our Mexican lunch. My two years old boy is looking all curious from everything that is happening around him and is shaking his head to the rhythm of a salsa song, playing on the radio.

In one exact moment other restaurant guest took my attention and I started to ask myself if we even know how to travel anymore? Do we know how to enjoy in all the amazing things that foreign lands offer?

Not long ago we were traveling to experience new, mysterious places. We chatted with locals, enjoyed in new sounds, smells, colors… Wherever the road took us, we were there to see and learn.

But nowadays, we are several thousand miles away, where I am noticing other »travelers«, who lost their compass completely. Instead of looking around them, they are staring on their mobile phones, without even knowing what is happening around them.

It looks like traveling now is nothing if we don’t plan everything upfront and share every single moment on our social media accounts. Well sure, I am also posting photos on social media accounts, but being a professional travel blogger that is (unfortunately) a must these days. But nevertheless, whenever I can, I leave my mobile phone locked and I am happier, when there is no Wi-Fi or even a network available.

Instead of enjoying in the moment and go with the flow, everyone want to know where they will sleep, what will they eat and also where they should eat. It might sounds funny, but we have never use TripAdvisor to choose a restaurant or anything else on our travels.

I know, I am so old fashion, but if you ask me, the most exciting part of traveling is not knowing what will hit you in a day, an hour, a minute. Good or bad things – you never know, but just being lost with yourself, your minds and all the new life around you is priceless.

Unplanned traveling is harder in many ways, but if something is simple, it is just not unforgettable and it does not leave any impact on us… With difficult moments we are forced to grow, to change our perspectives and we become grateful for so many little things we take for granted in our daily lives.

Don’t let that the modern technology closes you to people you are surrounded with, to new experiences and your own growth. Put your phones down, look around, get lost, order something from the menu for which you don’t even know what it is and stop randomly in restaurants which caught your eye.

Make your own memories, your own unique experiences and end your days »bored« with numerous questions running through your head from all the amazing, fascinating and strange moments that happened that day, as traveling is so much more than just ticking off places and sharing them on your social media…