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When reading tips about blogging, there’s not many about disadvantages of being a blogger. What disadvantages, right? But blogging has its dark sides as well.

Dangers of travel blogging

 1. Free time – what’s that?

If you are not professional blogger and still have 9-5 job, serious blogging will take all your free time. Writing blog posts, creating videos, selecting and organizing photos…. This takes time… a lot of it actually. That is why blogging should be your passion – if it is not, you won’t last long.

2. Learning non-stop

We had no knowledge about World Wide Web before starting blogging. We are no experts now either, but we are learning every day. When you think you are done and finally know something, everything changes or new things come …. Learning process never ends.

3. Work, parenting, travels

Oh yes, multi-tasking can be quite challenging sometimes. The hardest thing is to organizing work and free days for traveling or press trips. Now that we have become parents also time for blogging changed. If we once had time for blogging after work, we now spend our time after work for our little munchkin. Blogging starts, when our son goes to bed. Instead of watching TV, we are in front of PCs, blogging.

4. Traveling is work

If we once traveled just to enjoy, we now take traveling a bit more serious. We would be lying if we would say we are not enjoying when traveling, but every time we go somewhere, our mind set is different than before. We are now focused also on stories, information, taking photos, videos… Sometimes we decide to go somewhere just to relax, but after coming home, we are so full of energy, motivation and ideas, that we have to write something even though we thought we won’t.

5. Meeting people – good and bad

We love meeting people and that is also why we enjoy traveling so much – to interact with locals is always great and interesting. As a blogger, we are meeting all kinds of people – also some, who are pretty hostile and like to make up all kind of stories about us. We try to ignore them, but being pretty emotional person, it is hard not to be hurt. But luckily the majority of people are extremely supportive and giving us the needed motivation with their comments, positive energy and feedback. We are so grateful to each and every one for the support, so thank you, thank you, thank you!

Smiling photos from faraway places, which sometimes look like paradise, can be misled, as blogging is hard work – especially if you want to do it steadily and good. But helping someone with useful information or inspiring someone to visit a certain destination or just give someone a kick in the ass to go traveling, all the work and negatives of blogging are quickly forgotten. So if you are thinking to start blogging yourself as well, do it – if that is your passion, your dream – don’t allow few negative facts stop you. After all not a single job in the world is perfect and neither is blogging.