Chocolate Festival, Radovljica, Slovenia

The Chocolate Festival Radovljica is already 8th festival in a row and it offers new things each year. We really enjoyed it and it was not just because of the delicious chocolate.

Chocolate Festival Radovljica and five reasons for visiting

Slovenian chocolate producers

You will be able to meet and taste delicious chocolate from more than 30 different chocolate producers from Slovenia. The Chocolate Festival Radovljica is perfect to get some real local vibes.

New type of chocolate

Believe it or not, but the world got a new type of chocolate called ruby. There’s a special cocoa and pink-violet color chocolate can be produced from its seeds.

Chocolate bingo

Bingos are always fun, but this one is delicious too. No matter if you are the one with the bingo or not, you will not leave home empty handed, as everyone who plays it will get the new ruby chocolate to take home.

Activities for kids

I don’t know any child who does not enjoy eating chocolate, but with many other activities I guarantee you, kids will soon forgot about chocolate. The city park in Radovljica offers full of outdoor activities with animations, street artists, face painting, bows shooting and different children workshops, including the one where kids will be able to make their own chocolate bar. There will even be a sort of zip-line available for everyone liking the adrenalin.

Additional offer

Chocolate festival Radovljica offers different things for adults too. If you’ll be hungry, there will be some stands with fast food too, but you can also enjoy a meal in some of the traditional restaurants in the old city center. There’s also a big outdoor stage in the park with 11 concerts of Slovenian popular bands, cooking shows and more.

Useful travel tips for visiting the Chocolate Festival Radovljica

Tasting coupons

You will find cashiers around Radovljica, where you can buy tasting coupons. A package of 4 coupons cost 2 Euros and you can change them for different tastings at the stands. The number of coupons you need to give depends of the size of the chocolate. The festival itself is free of charge.

How to reach Radovljica

Radovljica can be easily reachable from Ljubljana – the capital of Slovenia. You can choose a bus or a train ride, as  both stations lies in the middle of Radovljica town, just steps away from the stands and the Chocolate Festival Radovljica. If you are based in Bled and like to cycle, Radovljica is just few kilometers away.

What about the weather?

It does not really matter what the weather is like for the Chocolate Festival Radovljica as all the stands are covered, including the concert stage. Chocolate will always put a smile on your face.

No matter the age, visiting the Chocolate Festival Radovljica is perfect for everyone – even more if you enjoy chocolate. Nevertheless, you will be able to get the local feel here for sure. If you stock yourself up with chocolate, I’d recommend you to join the visit with a typical Slovenian village Begunje na Gorenjskem, which offers many interesting sights, including perfect hiking spots and it is just few kilometers away.

We visited the Chocolate Festival Radovljica as an invite from the Radovljica Tourism, as they wish to promote it among foreign visitors in Slovenia too. We can honestly say, that Radovljica is perfect for a visit with or without the Chocolate Festival Radovljica, but chocolate does makes everything a bit more delicious.