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Ever since Simon and I published few photos using the child carrier, we got several questions how did we find it and if we are happy with the selection.

Child carrier Osprey Poco AG (Review)

If you have already been looking for child carrier, you know what a large market to choose from this is – different design, functionality, quality and price. Nevertheless, we have decided to change the baby carrier for the bigger child carrier from Osprey Poco AG Plus.

Our first and the strongest condition was that the child carrier should be comfortable for our little explorer. We did not want that Ren would feel bad using it and for that always be unhappy and crying when just seeing it.

We have already been using Osprey backpacks and that is probably also the main factor why we have decided for the Osprey Poco AG Plus child carrier (in total three different models are available). Apart from being comfortable for Ren (different tests put this child carrier as being the most comfortable for the child), we were convinced with other features too.

Advantages of Osprey Poco AG Plus child carrier

Usable on the long run

The Osprey Poco AG Plus child carrier can be used from 6 months on to 22 kilos, what means it will be in your family for at least few years.

Adjustable and breathable back

You can adjust the back of the child carrier with three different levels to have the perfect fit while carrying it around – including during the walk because of their so-called Fit-On-The-Fly hip belt. We also love the fact it has ventilated trampoline suspended mesh back panel for which you will sweat less than with other types of back designs, not being ventilated so well as this one.

Adjustable for the child

We found adjustable child seat very useful, as it grows up with you child. Even though the seat is stiff, it is very soft and comfortable. Also foot stirrups and safety harness can be adjusted according to the weight, height and shape of your child.

Self-standing construction

The Osprey Poco AG child carrier has its own self-standing construction, which can easily be tucked away on your back, when you don’t need it anymore.

Sun protection and drool pads

The child carrier has built-in SPF50 sun protection, rain cover and removable drooling pads, which can be washed easily. The front side of the carrier is shaped under an angle, for more comfortable sleep of your child during the hike.


The Osprey Poco AG Plus child carrier is big, but because of that it is also very spacious – you have 26 liters of space in total. There are lots of pockets, where you can store your belongings – from mobile phones, car keys, money to jackets, food and drink. There’s even a special backpack built-in, which can be taken off with a zipper and use it as a small separate backpack with 11 liters of volume.

There’s a lot of space available in easy access mesh side pockets and an elastic pocket at the back for bulk supplies. You can also fit the water tank inside of the carrier.

Safety certification

The child carrier has the TUV GS safety certification, what clearly marks how important is safety of the child. There’s even a build-in whistle in case of an accident. If you are hiking with your little one yourself, a handy thing is also an integrated/removable mirror, to see the action of your companion behind you.


The size

If we compare other child carriers to the Osprey Poco AG Plus, we can easily have noticed that it is bigger than most of them and with that also heavier (3,48 kg). But honestly, I don’t take this as a bad thing, because this can make it much safer and comfortable for the child and adult. But yes, it does take a lot of space in the car trunk or during your travels.

The price

I will not mislead you – the Osprey Poco AG plus child carrier does not come cheap. In fact, it is one of the most expensive child carriers on the market. But you know how it goes – quality and functionality with low prices just cannot go hand in hand and this child carrier proves you that with all its features.

The Osprey Poco AG Plus child carrier is very comfortable and compact, what also makes it very safe and spacious. But if you are not buying the child carrier to use it often, go for something smaller and cheaper. But everyone, who enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and adventurous traveling and will not stop with it because of a new family member, you for sure will not regret to choose the Osprey Poco Ag Plus child carrier – it is definitely worth its higher price.