Now and then we get some rude comments regarding sponsored content on the blog. And you know what, if we once felt blue about it, we don’t put much attention to this kind of jealousy talk anymore.

Let me ask you something – are you getting up in the morning and go to work because of the smiles from your coworkers or because the job brings you (among other things) food on your table and if you’re lucky enough, you can even safe something to spend it for things you like.

Everyone knows that blogging can be a business, but like every business you will not start earning money overnight. In fact, before you’ll ever see your first earnings, you could already stopped blogging. But if you stick to it long enough – writing 2-3 blog posts per week for a year or two, spending (I rather say investing) money to get the right content to write about, you are almost there.

When you spend all your free time to make content for your blog long enough, everyone’s wish is to earn something from it as well. In our case, getting a paid job and collaboration on a project is just a really nice confirmation we are doing something right. Sure, we are always super happy, when we earn something out of it too, but the thing that counts the most is the »job«. After countless hours of work, the results are finally here and that is what makes us even happier.

Don’t get me wrong – some bloggers become greedy and accept everything what comes their way, but if you really want to stay true to your readers (and yourself), just pick up the best things, things that really represents you the most. Stick with your blogging theme or at least write about services / products, which you use in your personal life to stand behind your opinion.

Nevertheless it is always great to see someone wants to support your work and enables you to keep doing what you love. After all, this is one of the best confirmations about your work and seeing you are doing something right.

It is no secret that Simon and I dream to become professional bloggers. And if someone things that we are selling ourselves out because of it, I can only say this: » Having a job that you love and are passionate about, making your own decisions for collaborations, being your own time manager and having the possibility to always say your personal opinion is something most people dream of. If you can achieve that, you are living the dream. After all, we all have to make living out of something – the only difference is that you can be passionate and happy about what you do or the work just represents you a necessary burden.