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I was never a person, who would play bingos, lottery or who would attended competitions. Not sure why, but I guess I believe these kind of things are not really my thing. But on the other hand, I am sure, the luck does not come by itself – if nothing else, you need to buy a ticket for the lottery win.

There’s a saying, never say never, so at the end of the summer, Simon and I have decided to sign in to the International travel bloggers competition, called Big Blog Exchange, where TOP 16 World travel bloggers were being picked. The reason why we even attended the competition was this English travel blog Nina Travels, as we just came out with it. Before we only had a travel blog in our mother language – Slovenian and we thought this would be a nice opportunity to say to the world, we are here. And what a result we did get…

This past weekend, when we were exploring Munich, we got an e-mail saying our Nina Travels travel blog was chosen into the elite group of  TOP 16 World travel bloggers!! Wow… you can imagine, we did not even think twice, when ordering each a one liter glass beer in the Oktoberfest! There were 633 travel bloggers in the competition and ours was one of the TOP 16!! We still have to pinch ourselves, to believe it is true and that this is happening to us!

We are so very grateful to everyone, who voted for us and to all of our readers – we would never be able to do it without you!! Isn’t it amazing, that our small country Slovenia, which has 2 million inhabitants only, got into the TOP 16 travel bloggers in the whole world!?! That only means one thing – it does not matter how many you are, as long as you stick together!

What did the TOP 16 travel bloggers title at Big Blog Exchange bring us?

We are actually switching place with an Australian travel blogger. He is coming to Slovenia and we are going to Australia. He will be writing blog posts on our blog, and we will do the same on his. It is so amazing to be part of this experience, as this means one ting only – our travel blog is being noticed and all of our hard work is worth it!

Thank you again to everyone! Now we only ask you one more thing – to have your fingers crossed for us, as we need to convince our bosses at work, that this is not an amazing opportunity only for us, but for the whole Slovenia and hopefully we will get the needed time-off from work. After all this travel to Australia does not mean relaxed holidays as many challenges and assignments are already waiting. Slovenia, we hope we will make you proud!