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There are lots of places in Slovenia, which Simon and I have wanted to visit ever since we have met. But I guess there is just not enough time to do all at once, so we take it slow. Luckily we have finally made it to Bela krajina in Slovenia, which is mostly famous for its Kolpa River.

We visited a new luxury camping Big Berry along the River Kolpa, which is located near a small village of Primostek (Coordinates: /

Big Berry camp review

The Big Berry camp is an interesting concept of luxury camping or mostly known as glamping. But there is one exception – you won’t find any tents standing there. Visiting the Big Berry camp, you will stay in the cute mobile houses from the Slovenian producer Hosekra.

Big Berry camp

Luxury camping Big berry along the river Kolpa in Bela Krajina, Slovenia

Currently there are 7 mobile houses in the Big Berry camp, which can welcome from two to six people. Each house has its own kitchen with all the needed equipment, bathroom, living room and bedroom(s), patio with a private jacuzzi. Also AC is not missing; after all, the Big Berry camp will mostly attract summer holiday makers.

Big Berry camp

That is life – enjoying in our private jacuzzi (Big Berry camp)

Each house offers its own peace and quiet and also a nice view over the river Kolpa. We loved the fact that the houses stand between old trees, which give nice and welcoming shade.

Big Berry camp

Each mobile house has its own private jacuzzi (Big berry camp)

Our favorite thing in the Big Berry camp was its peacefulness. We are not as young anymore, to be looking for lots of happening and partying, so it is always nice to find a place, where you enjoy doing nothing. No matter if we were walking along the river Kolpa, sat on our private patio or enjoying in the hanging baskets… We enjoyed every minute of our stay.

Big Berry camp

You can be one with nature here (Big Berry camp)

The price for the house includes also healthy breakfast, which mostly includes local products from the nearby farms or is at least Slovenian origin. And what is absolutely great about its breakfast basket – it will be brought on your private patio each morning, so you can enjoy your breakfast still in your pajamas.

Big Berry camp

Breakfast with the local products (Big Berry camp)

No matter how did we enjoy our time in Big Berry camp, you probably guessed that we still cannot be somewhere without exploring the destination. Honestly told, we were a bit surprised, what all Bela krajina offers to curious souls.

Big Berry camp

Inside of the mobile house (Big Berry camp)

Things to do in Bela Krajina and around Big Berry camp

  • Craft brewery Vizir (Coordinates: /

If you cannot imagine your weekend getaway without beer, make sure to visit one of the first craft breweries in Slovenia. The best way to try its beer is with a tasting tour, where you’ll be able to taste 10 different beers. The price of the tour starts from 10€/pp up.

Big Berry camp

A visit to craft brewery Vizir (Bela Krajina, Slovenia)

  • Oil-extraction plant Pečarič (Coordinates: /

Cold pressed oils with eco-certificates are becoming more and more popular and cherished, so it is nice to see family Pečarič farm, where their main occupation is oil production. They are most famous for its cold pressed walnut oil, which is made from its own walnuts. They already have more than 400 walnut trees on their farm. Make sure to book your visit in advance, so you can also do the tasting of all their 20 types of cold pressed oils – price for tasting is 3€/pp.

Big Berry camp

Tasting of cold-pressed oils at Pečarič farm (Bela Krajina, Slovenia)

  •  The Island (coordinates: /

Did you know that Bela krajina had its small airport during the WW2. Nowadays there is almost no sight of the airport, except for the old DC-3 (Dacota) airplane.

Big Berry camp

Bela Krajina once had its own private airport (Bela Krajina, Slovenia)

  • The river Krupa spring (Coordinates: /

If you ask us, the best time to visit the Krupa river spring is during the hot summer days. The low temperatures of the water make the place great for escaping the heat. The spring is also a natural inhabitant of the human fish, which you can best see in the Postojna cave.

Big Berry camp

The Krupa River spring (Bela Krajina, Slovenia)

  • Metlika and Črnomelj

These two towns are actually the largest around Big Berry camp. Due to being close to the camp, you can easily visit them by bicycle.

  • Krašnji Vrh (Coordinates: /

You can reach the Krašnji peak by foot, by bicycle or by car. You will find a viewing tower there, which offers great views of Bela krajina.

You have lots of other possibilities for exploration around Big Berry camp, so you won’t get bored for sure. If you just cannot leave the camp, but still want to be active, you have lots of possibilities there: from kayaking, canoeing, beach volleyball or swimming in the river Kolpa. There is even a cute BBQ place for you to use.

If you are not really keen of mobile houses and you don’t leave your home without your RV, you will be thrilled that Big Berry camp offers also a place for them.

Big Berry camp

Relaxing at Big Berry camp

We spent only 3 days in Big Berry camp, but to be totally honest, we would not mind coming back for more. Even though we were exploring its surroundings, we still managed to relax and unwind from day to day routine and madness. Oh yes, we will definitely be coming back sooner or later – there are not many places out there, where you are so close to nature, but still have all the amenities you can dream off.

In a special blog post Best things to do in Bela Krajina, you will find more experiences and tourist attractions, to make your stay even more unforgettable and fun.

Video – Big Berry camp and Bela krajina