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People normally remember life events if they are great or bad. If something did not really impress us or really disappoint us, we will hardly remember it after couple of years. And there is nothing different with traveling and its experiences.

We get lots of questions about why we love to travel so much and it is always hard to give some actual examples. Our answer normally goes something like “Because traveling makes us happy, enriches our minds and soul and creates unforgettable memories”. But now, that I have decided to write a list of TOP 5 travel experiences, I have realized it is not hard to remember the most memorized experiences. There are many, but I guess 5 of them really came out of my mind first.

  • An invite to traditional Hindu wedding

Believe it or not, but I had traveled to India firtsly to attend traditional Hindu wedding of my long lasting pen-friend. I had not only attended 4 days of celebrations and ceremonies, but after the wedding I have extended my travel to explore some more of India. To be totally honest, I could never experience and feel India on the way I did, if it was not for the wedding, which showed me how strong tradition in India is. The Hindu wedding and all the people I met there was one of a kind travel experience and it will stay in my heart forever.

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Attending traditional Hindu wedding (India travel)

  • Camel milk instead of robbery

Our world mostly consists of instant battle for money and comfortable lifestyle. Unfortunately these way of life often bring us having bad conclusions about people – that most of them (if not all) are corrupt and bad, before we even bother to get to know them better. We had a similar feeling also on our travel around UAE. We were on top of a tall sand dune when a car suddenly stopped at our wilderness camping place. All our money, car keys and documents staid at the tent and we were ready to run down as fast as possible. But at the end a local guy stepped out of the car, not to robbed us, but to welcome us to his country and gave us a bottle of fresh camel milk from his farm. We were shocked and we will never forget this kind gesture – so simple, so pure and with such a strong message…. Read the whole story here.

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Camel milk and not robbery (UAE travel)

  • Lost in the middle of Wahiba Sands

 Getting lost in the middle of a desert can be easily put on the list of our worst and scariest moments on our travels. But when difficult experiences end with happy ending, they can easily become as one of the most rewarding ones. Our stupidity and recklessness on our travel to Oman could end tragically, but instead of that, we got humble life lesson and realized that it is not wise to mess with the Mother Nature. We are still extremely grateful to all the kind people we encountered in the desert and helped us to transform the worst experience into one of the most cherished one.

best travel moments, best travel experiences, travel blog

Lost in Wahiba Sands (Oman travel)

  • Camping fire at Sesse Islands

We love camping fire and gathering around it, telling stories and enjoying people’s company. On our self-drive roadtrip around Uganda we stopped at remote Sesse Islands for three days, where we wanted to relax. We pitched our tent in a small family run camping place, where the owners invited us to join them around the camping fire every evening. We talked for hours and getting to know each other lives, differences, thinking… Everything was so aboriginal, true and domestic. At the end we enjoyed each other company so much we said goodbye with terry eyes and with a lump in our throats.

best travel moments, best travel experiences, travel blog

Camping fire at the remote Sesse Island (Uganda travel)

  • Lifetime friendship

No matter what country we have visited, we have always managed to find some true friends. We still have contact with some of them, while others “just” stolen our hearts forever. It is so unreal to get a deep connection with someone, even though you spent less than a day with him/her and did not even talk, because not knowing the language. Connecting on a deeper level with a complete stranger is still one of the most fascinating experiences on our travels.

best travel moments, best travel experiences, travel blog

Friendship for life (The Philippines travel)

The above list can easily be a longer one, but reading it again it makes me realized that travels really are extremely rewarding. And all we have always said about traveling is true – traveling makes us richer in our minds and thoughts.

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