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What are the best travel clothes? I have been traveling for over two decades – from backpacking to overland travels. More adventurous traveling gets, more enjoyable they are.

This kind of adventurous traveling, where you are far away from electricity, shower and running water, surrounded with wild nature, can really show you what kind of clothes are perfect for traveling.

I have to admit, I am not really keen on shopping, but when I shop, I try to be rational and practical. I normally buy clothes, which are long lasting, comfortable and universal. My favorite clothes are the ones I can wear at home, during traveling or at my work place – luckily I have a job without any rules regarding clothes we need to wear.

I have learned many things from my travels – including what to pack in a backpack, 4WD vehicle and hopefully soon into 4×4 camper too. I stick to a simple rule – little is more. After all, I travel to experience new things, new adventures and not to run a fashion show.

My 5 features every good travel clothes need to have

Travel clothes should be wrinkle-free

As soon as you decide to pack everything you need for a few weeks long travel in a small 40 liters’ backpack, it is great that the clothes are wrinkle-free. Over the years I started to pack only the clothes that don’t wrinkle.

Good travel clothes need to pack small

It does not matter if I travel with a backpack or by an overland vehicle, I never have many space for clothes left. That is why it is even more important, that all the clothes I want to bring with, can fold and pack small. That is also the reason they should be wrinkle-free – no matter how they are folded and packed.

Quick dry travel clothes are perfect

Everyone who travel low budget, know that fresh clothes are not on the menu every day. That is exactly why, I recommend that your travel clothes dry quickly – not just because of sweating, but also because of washing. I have washed my clothes by hand numerous times and hoping they will dry overnight.

Light travel clothes will save your back

When we travel by car the weight of the clothes is not as important as with backpacking, where each pound can mean a lot after few hours of carrying it on your shoulders. It had happened many times that I was walking around and looking for a place to stay for several hours – having a light backpack saved my life.

Airy travel clothes are important

I like warm and sunny days and normally all my travels are somewhere warm. That is why I always look for good airy travel clothes.

Why are Royal Robbins clothes the perfect travel clothes?

As soon as I tested the first Royal Robbins clothes I was impressed – read the Royal Robbins clothes review. I like their philosophy, but what did surprise me even more, is the fact, that I could find all my 5 criterions, which make clothes perfect for traveling.

Royal Robbins clothes are perfect for traveling

Everything I was ever looking in my travel clothes, I have found in Royal Robbins clothing – their clothes are wrinkle-free, they are light, airy, they pack small and dry quickly.

Apart from all the five features, which are needed for good travel clothing, this USA brand has some very practical upgrades too.

Some of their clothes have UV protection, some can protect you from mosquitos, ticks and other insects (Bug Barrier collection), some are even stain proof, as they are made from special material from which you can easily wash the stains away with using water only (Spotless collection).

I also like the feature of the zip secure pocket, which I normally use for some banknotes or a credit card, when I don’t have any backpack / wallet with me.

My first priority with travel clothes is their functionality so I am able to ignore the look if everything else works. That is why I am even more happy for the fact, that Royall Robbins clothes are not just functional, but they look good too.

Simon and I became Slovenian ambassadors for Royal Robbins clothing, but we decided to say yes to this collaboration only because we really can stand behind every word we say / write about the clothes. We have tested the clothes on our travels and trips and I am sure you will not be sorry if you decide to have them for your travel clothes too.