best travel camera, camera for traveling, FujiFilm TX-2

As soon as we have decided that we are leaving on a longer overland travel in 2017, we knew we have to change our travel camera, which we were using for almost a decade. We though the decision will be a piece of cake, but we soon realized that is not the case.

We needed almost 6 months to have our new travel camera in our hands – I know crazy, but we are not impulsive buyers, especially not when it comes to travel camera.

We used Canon DSLR cameras on our travels for almost 10 years, but through-out the years we were fed up of this heavy equipment. We had one full backpack just because of the cameras (EOS 40D and EOS 60D) and 3-4 lenses, so you can imagine it became mission impossible to travel light.

Due to the weight, we often left everything in a hotel room or even in the car, as we just did not want to carry everything with us to make a photo or two. But of course, best things happen when least expected, so we were often sorry for not having our camera with us.

best travel camera, camera for traveling, FujiFilm TX-2

So small we can take it everywhere with us (Best travel camera)

So, what to choose and what would the best travel camera be? Everyone has its own wishes, but if you ask us, we should be able to make quality photos and videos in 4K with it. We also wanted the option of changing lenses and it would be great to be able to do photos when it’s raining – so, water-resistant is an extra bonus. Most importantly, it should be light and small enough to carry it around in a small bag or even a purse.

best travel camera, camera for traveling, FujiFilm TX-2

FujiFilm TX-2 is small and light (Best travel camera)

After testing few different cameras, we have finally made a decision. Our new travel camera is now mirrorless camera, with possibility of changing lenses – our pick is FujiFilm TX-2 and with that three lenses (10-24mm F4, 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 and 35mm F2.0). And guess what, even it sounds a lot to carry around, it is actually not… The body itself has only 426 grams. Its smallness is also great for people and street photography, when you don’t want to be noticed from everyone and already from a distance.

best travel camera, camera for traveling, FujiFilm TX-2

Best travel camera for us is FujiFilm TX-2

The FujiFilm TX-2 is not the cheapest option we could buy, but we wanted something more professional due to our blog and writing travel articles for different travel magazines. We believe that we got everything needed with the FujiFilm TX-2.

best travel camera, camera for traveling, FujiFilm TX-2

FujiFilm TX-2 (Best travel camera)

We know that a good photo is made by good photographer, but having a good camera, which you like to carry around all the time, definitely helps a lot too. Having the new travel camera, we are finally excited again to take photos of precious moments from the road again.