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There are many things to do in Seville, capital of Andalusia and the fourth largest city in Spain. Seville can brag with magnificent history, which can be seen in some of its best tourist attractions.

13 best things to do in Seville

Take a walk in the city cathedral

The city cathedral was built between 1401 and 1519, on the grounds of the formal mosque and is for sure one of the must things to do in Seville. It is known as the largest gothic cathedral in the world. It has the longest nave in Spain, heavy decorated in gold. Walking around the cathedral, you can notice some of the old columns from the mosque. You can even see the tomb of Christopher Columbus in the cathedral.

Climb up the Giralda tower

If you want to enjoy the views over the city, climbing the Giralda tower is for sure one of the best things to do in Seville. The Giralda was originally a minaret of the old mosque, but it is now a bell tower of the cathedral and also one of the symbols of Seville. A unique thing in Giralda is that it has no stairs, but 34 ramps. Because of the ramps the muezzin could reach the top on a horse back.

Visit the Royal Palace Real Alcazar

On the place, where once stood the Moorish palace, it is now the Royal Palace known as Real Alcazar. The construction of it started in the late 12th century and needed more than 500 years to be finished. Nowadays it still belongs to the Royal family, which has its quarter in it. For a fee, you can even get a sneak peek inside of it. The complete complex is under UNESCO world heritage protection.

Admire the golden tower Torre Del Oro

Just along the river Guadalquivir stands the Torre Del Oro. It was built as a defense tower along the river and had a chain over it to prevent ships with entering the river harbor. After discovery of America, Seville was the one and only harbor for the goods coming from the New World to Europe all until 18th century, when Cadiz got the new roll.

Walk around the Plaza de Espana

One of the best things to do in Seville is for sure a visit to the Plaza de Espana (Spanih square). It can be found in the Maria Luiza Park and was constructed for the Ibero-American Exposition in 1928. The whole area spreads in a vast semi-circular plaza, featuring south and north tower, ditches and bridges over them, representing the four ancient Spanish Kingdoms. You can find the Vicente Traver fountain in the middle of the square and numerous showcase displays decorated with azulejos – painted ceramic tiles, representing characteristics of each part of Spain.

Relax in the Maria Luiza Park

When you visit the Plaza de Espana, you will also find yourself in the middle of the Maria Luiza Park. It is best known for its fountains, pavilions, fish ponds and lush greenery, including tall palm trees. One of the best things to do in Seville is taking time to just relax, sit on one of the many benches and enjoying in this largest green area in the middle of Seville.

Get to know the history with visiting museums and baroque painters

If you are keen on art, you for sure know that Seville is home of two amazing baroque painters – Murillo and Velazguez. You will find the statue of Murillo just in front of the museum of contemporary art, which includes a rich collection of art. The statue of Velazquez stands outside of his home. Seville has numerous museum to visit and two of them can easily get on your list of best things to do in Seville: Archeological and Ethnographical museum.

Take a photo of The Royal Tobacco Factory

The Royal Tobacco Factory was established in 18th century and it was then the first tobacco factory in Europe. The building is now the seat of the rectorate of the University of Seville.

Be inspired by the Metropol Parasol

One of the best things to do in Seville is a walk on the Metropol Parasol – the world’s largest wooden construction, offering great views over the city. This modern architecture seems like a big umbrella. It was built in 2011 and is known as one of the best modern tourist attractions in Seville. The Metropol Parasol can be found at the La Encarnacion square, built over the archeological museum.

Enjoy the flamenco show

If you find yourself in Andalusia, which is home to the energetic flamenco dance, seeing the flamenco show is one of the must things to do in Seville. Flamenco is so traditional and popular that you can see flamenco dancers on the street too.

Take your kids to the Isla Magica

If you are traveling to Seville with kids, one of the best things to do is taking them to the Isla Magica. They will for sure enjoy its theme park with lots of activities for them.

Stroll along the Guadalquivir River

Nothing is more enjoyable than a walk along the Guadalquivir River on a beautiful sunny day. The path is very popular among locals and is used for jogging, cycling and walking. It is also nice to see all the boats and rowers on the river.

Be trendy in the Macarena neighborhood

If you are looking for trendy cafes and tapas bars, one of the best things to do is spending time in Macarena neighborhood. But Macarena is also known for the Menor basilica and the northern city wall. Not far from Macarena, on the Ferie street, also the oldest market in Seville can be found.

Get to know the bull fighting tradition in arena Real Maestranza

The bull fighting has been a long tradition in Spain and visiting one of the arenas is definitely a must thing to do in Seville. The bull fighting arena Real Maestranza is one of the world’s best known places for bull fighting. The arena can host 12.000 people and was built in 18th century – it is quite a sight.

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We could put many more sights on the list of things to do in Seville, but if you can manage to tick off all the above, you will see some of the most beautiful and magnificent sights in the city.