Things to do in Saxony-Anhalt will occupy you for days, so don’t just make a stop in its capital Magdeburg. The city itself is already very interesting and offers many things to do for which you can easily spend a day or two there. But if you are already visiting Magdeburg, look further.

Our 10 best things to do in Saxony-Anhalt

Cycling along the Elbe River

If you are keen on cycling, you will love the Saxony-Anhalt with its Elberadweg (cycling path) along the river Elbe, passing Magdeburg too. In total the cycling path is  almost 1000 kilometers long.

Take a raft ride

The Elbe River offers one more thing to do, which I really enjoyed – the raft ride along the river. We did this in Magdeburg  during the sunset and was fantastic. Amazing views and a perfect way to see the city from another perspective.

Adventurous zip line ride and crossing the suspension bridge

In the middle of the Harz Mountains you will find the longest two-line zip line in Europe. The ride is for the brave ones, but it gives you so much fun when doing it. If you’re not keen on adrenalin, you can skip this and rather cross the suspension bridge underneath, which offers a nice experience too.

Wine tasting

Oh yes, also the region Saxony-Anhalt can offer you great wine, including the Rotkappchen sparkling wine. In fact, the sparkling wine Rotkappchen is one of the most popular sparkling wine in Germany. Every third open bottle in Germany is theirs.

A walk among the half-timbered houses

I don’t know what attracts me to the half-timbered houses, but they truly are so charming, that I am always impressed when seeing them. I really enjoyed the ones in Halberstadt.

Visiting the vineyards

Small, but very charming Freyburg town is known for wines and not just for the Rotkappchen sparkling wine production. Hike up between the vineyards, offering beautiful views over the Freyburg town.

Admiring the Nebra Sky Disk

Not far away from the place, where the Nebra Sky Disk was found, now stands a beautiful museum, where you can find all information about this oldest concrete depiction of the cosmos worldwide. The Nebra Sky Disk is associatively dated to 1600 BC and is now also listed on the UNESCO World heritage list.

Staying the night in the Hundertwasser house

Did you know that you can find a work of Hundertwasser in Magdeburg? The famous architect did his last project in the city, where now also an Art Hotel can be found. Staying a night in it, sure is one of a kind experience – after all, you will be sleeping in the Hundertwasser house.

Get to know the local cuisine

No matter where you are traveling to, trying the local cuisine should always be a must. If you are looking for good local food stop at the Rastkeller restaurant, which is very popular among locals. It can be found in Magdeburg and has a long tradition, as it has been a restaurant since 17th century.

Travel back in time to Romanesque period

You will find numerous Romanesque sights in the Saxony-Anhalt region, which are also listed on the Transromanica list – in total there are 88 of them in the region. Transromanica organization connects more than 300 Romanesque sights in 9 different European countries. Its main function is taking care of the Romanesque sights promotion and sustainability, what also creates local tourism development. The Romanesque era was mostly about monastic buildings, so you will really enjoy exploring Saxony-Anhalt if you are into monasteries and cathedrals. You can find more about the Transromanica organization and Romanesque sights, which we have visited here.

Things to do in Saxony-Anhalt

Getting to know the history of Halberstadt cathedral (Things to do in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany)

There are of course many other things to do in Saxony-Anhalt, which are worth your attention, but having only 5 days to travel around, we could not see them all. Nevertheless, if you are limited with time, these are definitely one of the best things to do when visiting the German region Saxony-Anhalt.

We have visited the Saxony-Anhalt as a press trip organized by Transromanica organization, but everything written is based on our personal experiences and thoughts, on which no one had any impact.