Pazin, Istria, Croatia

Things to do in Pazin are truly unique and special and that is exactly why, you should not miss this old town when traveling around Istria in Croatia.

Pazin was already mentioned in 983 year due to its castle / Kaštel, around which the town has spread out. Old town mostly have lots of interesting things to do and you should not be disappointed with Pazin either.

Best things to do in Pazin

Visit the Kaštel / Castle

One of the best things to do in Pazin is visiting its Kaštel, which is also the symbol of the town. It is the best preserved and the oldest castle in Istria. Set above 100 meters high cliff, it truly looks spectacular. You will also find Pazin Town Museum, where you will learn more about the town’s history and the history of the Istria region in Croatia.

Get underground at the Pazin Cave

We can find the Pazin cave at the end of the canyon of the Pazinčica River. Just above it, on 100 meters high cliff, stands the amazing Kaštel. The Pazin Cave is home to many legends and stories. The cave impressed many, including the famous Dante and Jules Verne too.

Get some adrenalin rush at the Pazin Zip-line

If you enjoy adrenalin, you definitely have to stop at Pazin and its Zip-Line. There are four lines, in total distance of 280 meters, which is not the longest you probably have done, but it is spectacular without a doubt. Zip-lining over the Pazin Cave is one of a kind experience.

Enjoy the views

Even though you will skip the zip-line, you can still enjoy the views over the Kaštel and the old town of Pazin. There are several viewing points to visit, including the bridge over the Pazinčica River.

Pazinčica Valley and Sopot Waterfall

There are several waterfalls around Pazin, but among all of them, you should definitely ticked off two – Sopot waterfall and the ones in the Pazinčica Valley, where we can find the Pazinski and Zarečki Krov, which are part of the Natura 2000 ecological network.

So far we have managed to visit just the Sopot waterfall, which is about 15 minutes’ drive away from Pazin and one of the best things to do in Pazin. The waterfall is 24,5 meters high and is one of the highest in Istria. We can admire it from the top or hike down through a narrow path through the forest – it is a bit tricky on two parts and slippery after the rain, but worth the effort. The view over the Sopot Waterfall is beautiful. (Coordinates: S45.13.2781/ V014.02.8289)

things to do in Pazin

Amazing Sopor waterfall (Best things to do in Pazin, Croatia)

Taste the Cukerančič

Pazin is well known for its special cookies Cukerančič, which became a traditional Istrian sweet and a must have on all celebrations. They have even become cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia.

Pazin and its surroundings have many great and little known things to do and that is why this area should never be forgotten, when doing a road trip around Istria in Croatia.