things to do in Austria

The best things to do in Austria can be enjoyed all-year round and that is why Austria is always a great choice for traveling.

Our most amazing things to do in Austria

Admire the cities

Austria has some great cities to visit, which are perfect for a city break. Vienna, the capital of Austria, is perfect for cultural and architectural tourist attractions. Another great choice is also Salzburg, where you can dive into the Mozart’s history. You can upgrade the musical part of Salzburg with exploring the paths from the Sounds and Music movie too. One of our prefered city break destinations is a weekend in Graz too. This second largest city in Austria will charm you with its medieval streets, picture perfect views over the hill castle and with many secret corners, which the city offers to a curious explorer. We were nicely surprised over a city break in Linz too. Linz is mostly known after the steel industry, but under its cover, there are some great things to do, which you can enjoy even when traveling to the city with kids – museums, Donau River, graffiti art.

Have fun at the theme parks

One of the best fun things to do in Austria with kids is visiting its theme parks. In fact Austria is the perfect kids destination and that is not just because of the theme parks, but because of many and very nicely done playgrounds too. We really enjoyed the tour with macaque monkeys in Villach. A nice place to see the animals is also the Zoo Herberstein, not too far away from Graz.

Enjoy the ski slopes

One of the winter activities you just have to do in Austria is skiing. Austria is a very popular skiing destination and that is for a good reason. Its ski slopes are perfectly done, modern and with other winter fun things to do in the area too. We have managed to enjoy skiing in the world’s largest ski valley Zillertal few years back and with joining 4 skiing centers, the valley offers outstanding 530 kilometers of ski slopes.

Be charmed over the Christmas markets

December is also a very popular month for visiting Austria, as the country is well known for some of the best Christmas markets in Europe. One of the most visited are Christmas markets in Vienna, Salzburg and Graz, but you should not miss the smaller ones too. They might not offer so many things to do like the big players, but they are unique and charming on its own way. We really enjoyed the Christmas market in Graz, but one of our favorite is the Advent Weg in Katschberg. It is set at 1750 meters of altitude and the only way to reach it is on foot or by a horse sledges. A circle path takes you pass 7 mountain cottages with different kinds of activities and things to do. Magical!

Put your hiking boots on

We might be visiting the mountains during the winter for skiing, but you will be surprised how amazing these areas are during the summer too. Austria is a true hiking paradise and for sure this is one of the things in Austria you should not miss. Even though you are not perfectly feet, there are easy paths, with amazing views, available too. If you will be hiking in Austria with kids, they will enjoy having amazing playgrounds in the villages and even at some mountain huts. So far we have managed to visited two mountain areas during the summer – Katschberg and Schladming-Dachstein and all we can say is, that we will sure be back for more and cannot wait to explore another mountain destination in the summer.

Winter sledding or summer tobogganing

If you enjoy adrenalin kicking, you need to visit the mountains also because of the sledding or tobogganing. It is hard to compare the summer tobogganing with winter sledding, but both are for sure fun activities and perfect for all ages. Sledding from Dobratsch mountain above Villach was one of the best things we have done as a family – first we had to hike up to 1732 meters above sea level and then we have sledged down again. The path is 4,20 kilometers long and apart from having fun, the whole experience offers amazing views too.

Simon and I have also sledged at the Spieljoch in Zillertal and also enjoyed the 5,50 kilometers long road too. Zillertal actually has 14 different sledding paths in total of 45 kilometers. Did you know you can also find the longest lightened sledding path in the world in Austria? It is 14 kilometers long and still on our bucket list.

Drive up the scenic panoramic roads

A trip to Austria will be enjoyed by everyone who likes panoramic roads and amazing views. One of the most beautiful panoramic roads in Austria is the one taking you to Dobratsch – Villach Alpenstrasse. A very popular is also the one taking you to Grossglockner glacier, where you can even admire the views to the highest Austrian mountain when the weather is good. The region Schladming – Dachstein also offer several panoramic roads, among which one will take you to the cable-car up to the Dachstein Sky-Walk and the longest suspension bridge in Austria. A nice drive is also taking the road to Kölnbrein dam.

Relax along the lakes

Austria might be missing the sea, but instead of enjoying the sea during the summer, you can swim and relax in one of its numerous lakes. They offer many fun water activities, camping grounds, cycling paths and beautiful playgrounds for kids. Some of the lakes turn into ice-skating areas during the cold winter months and some are beautiful for its Christmas markets too. I have to admit, we have visited just two of the lakes in Austria for now (Wörthersee and Millstätter See), but they both showed us it is about time to visit and explore others too.

Austrian Christmas markets, Christmas markets trips, Carinthia Austria

Austrian Christmas markets – Velden

Indulge yourself in the local cuisine

When we are in Austria, we also enjoy its traditional cuisine. It is not really a light one and definitely not a diet one, but with all the outdoor activities you can do in Austria, you should never had a diet in mind anyway. Yummy!

Best things to do in Austria are diverse, rich in history, culture and nature, and are perfect for all generations. And what makes it even better, because of them Austria is a great travel choice all year round.