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We believe there is not a single traveler in this world, who have not yet heard for UAE. After all, the country is one of the world’s most known for tall skyscrapers and modern architecture. But most of the people we have talked to, know Dubai and Abu Dhabi only. Are these two cities really all that UAE is offering?

We have traveled to Oman 2 years ago and we loved it. I guess falling for Oman was our biggest reason, why we have decided to visit UAE.

Our reasons for traveling to United Arab Emirates

  • Cheap flight tickets

I am not sure from which country you are reading this post, but here in Europe we get some really good deals for flying to UAE. There are return tickets available for as little as 200 EUR with FlyDubai Airlines. We got ours for 300 EUR, departing from Venice to Abu Dhabi and back, what is also not bad for a direct 6 hours flight.

  • Oman

Our travel to Oman was definitely a very big reason we wanted to be back on the Arabian Peninsula again. We do wonder thought, if UAE is anywhere similar to Oman – fingers crossed, as we loved it there.

  • Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Who would not want to see Dubai and Abu Dhabi. After all, these two cities are mind blowing due to its architecture, shopping and tourism service. Well, it does help if you have a thick wallet to really enjoy everything there, but we are sure we can manage to explore it anyway.

  • Self-drive around UAE

We are more and more into self-driving travels and the fact that UAE offers good value car rentals and also cheap gasoline, it looks like the country is made for us. Sand dunes and 4WD – can it get any better than this? Lots of sand, lots of sand dunes and lots of sand bashing is guaranteed. We will even be having two cars (one more couple is going with us), so this will make it even more adventurous – we cannot wait!

  • Wilderness camping

Like in Oman, also here in UAE, wilderness camping is allowed. We are planning to pitch a tent in wadis, desert and the coast. We cannot wait to see the starry sky above us. Not to mention this adventure is completely free of charge.

  • Good value travel

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are mostly known for being expensive cities, but our goal on this travel to UAE is, to show everyone, you can travel to UAE without spending a fortune. We will have some extra expenses due to renting a 4WD, but this will be perfect to explore less visited places and areas. Not to mention we will also be able to camp for free.

All the mentioned reasons sounds like we’ll be having a blast during our UAE travel and we cannot wait to go. If you are eager to know more about our travel to UAE, stay tuned for more “live” news.