Best things to do in Guadeloupe

There are many factors where to travel with kids, but one of the main one is the destination. I always say each destination can be kid-friendly if the parents can involve in making it so. But let’s be honest, some places really are better and easier to take your kids to.

Family travel destinations are the ones offering different kind activities for our little explorers. This means we, as parents, don’t need to be animating them all day long, but can have some time-out, when kids are busy with activities made solely for them.

This blog post is about best places to go with kids and I have gathered them from our own experiences. Some destinations were visited as a family, but some I have visited when Simon and I were still a couple.

Best international places to travel with kids


Instead of Greece, we could easily put every destination in south Europe with beaches on the list – Croatia is a good option too. But because we live close to Croatia, the country is for us more or less reachable for weekends, so that is why we like to say we feel more as a traveler when visiting Greece. Beautiful beaches, clear sea, numerous islands, good food and amazing history (more interesting for older kids than toddlers though). Greece is a perfect destination to explore it by car or motorhome too.


All three of us loved our time in Guadeloupe. This small Caribbean island is perfect for everyone enjoying beaches, but like to be active and do some sightseeing too. We were amazed over its sandy beaches, decorated with tall palm trees and stunning turquoise water. But don’t stop there – plan a visit to its gorgeous botanical garden, beautiful ZOO with suspension bridges high in the tree-tops. Get to know more about chocolate production and learn about slavery in the amazing museum. We had lots of fun in its aquarium too. Guadeloupe with kids is still one of our favourite family travels.


We have been returning to Germany each year for several years in a row, as Germany is really a great family destination. Our son loves all the playgrounds, which are clean, safe and modern. We never leave Germany without a visit to at least one theme park too – the country is well known for them. But of course a road trip around Germany will show you the other beauties too – great museums, picturesque villages, charming hiking trails and natural parks.

New York City

Some would not agree with me, but New York City is a great family-friendly destination. Not only that you will find some of the best playgrounds on your trips (great during the hot summer days too), even the vibe in the city is interesting for toddlers and kids. Taking a boat ride or driving on the underground train will be fun for all the young explorers for sure. Walk through its parks, visit the city beach, the zoo, aquarium, natural history museum or admire the views from the top of the skyscrapers.


Oman is luckily still a very exotic country. The country is traditional and magical – not only for kids. Make sure to wander around its numerous markets, where the vibe, animals and people in traditional clothes will for sure put a shine on the kids face. Families will also enjoy spending time on its vast sandy beaches, swimming in the warm sea (make sure to respect the culture doing that), looking for sea turtles and travel through time by visiting the old magnificent forts. In my opinion, Oman is one of the best adventurous travels for families.

Sri Lanka

I traveled to Sri Lanka with Simon few years before we got Ren, but whenever I think of Sri Lanka, I always say we have to visit it as a family. Sri Lanka is a great destination to travel with kids as it is much smaller than the popular Thailand, what makes it more comfortable and easy to explore with kids. If you are still not keen on local transport, you can also rent a car with a driver, what will sure make everything even more comfortable. What I like about Sri Lanka is its diversity – the country is full of animals, lush forests/jungles, exotic markets, temples. To top it all off, you can easily join all these with relaxation on its many sandy beaches.


I have never been hiding that I have a love affair with Turkey. I am in love with the country and I have stopped counting how many times I have visited the country, when I reached the number 10. Turkey is a mixture of old and new, modern and traditional and offers magnificent history, gorgeous beaches, colorful markets, diverse landscape, friendly people and delicious food. If you are wondering why Turkey is kids-friendly destination I would say, it is because family is very important to Turkish people. During our 1 month overland travel around the country we have always felt welcomed, even more when traveling to parts of the country with not getting much tourists. You can find kids playgrounds everywhere, even in villages with only few houses. Perfect for zipping a cup of tea in peace.


A city break to Valencia is not perfect just for solo travelers and couples, but also for families. The city offers many attractions for kids – aquarium, the zoo, city beach, playgrounds and parks. The only downside in Valencia and all over Spain are the opening hours of their restaurants, as they are mostly closed in the afternoons, so have this in mind to organize lunch in time.


We loved our family travel around the Yucatan peninsula. The area is perfect for renting a car and do an individual self-drive trip around the area. Visiting the beaches, getting to know the local culture and tasting the Mexican food is always fun. The colorful markets will no doubt be interesting to everyone, but make sure not to miss the stunning Mayan pyramids, animals, cenotes. If you will be traveling to Yucatan with a little bit older kids, you have to visit some of the theme parks too, including water parks.


I have to admit that we have not yet traveled to Mauritius, but we know several families, including my sister, who are impressed over the island. Mauritius is large / small enough to explore it in 2 weeks and to make it even more comfortable, you can even rent a car and drive around by yourself. Mauritius has many paradise alike beaches, but don’t forget to visit its numerous attractions too – botanical garden, sugar museum, tea plantations, waterfalls, aquarium, crocodile farm. You will also be thrilled over its landscape, views and snorkeling. Staying in one of the resorts will for sure leave you speechless too.

It does not really matter if you will be traveling with kids to one of the above destinations from the list or not, I hope it will at least give you some new ideas for a perfect travel destination for family. After all, every destination can be kids friendly if you as a parent decide to do it so.