Munich tourist attractions

Munich tourist attractions for all tastes and budget. It does not really matter if we talk about culture, history, cuisine or fun – there are always lots of interesting tourist attractions to visit in a big city. One of these cities is with no doubt Munich – the capital of Germany‘s Free State Bavaria.

26 Best Munich tourist attractions

1. Marienplatz  

There is no better way to start your travel to Munich than from the main city center square, which is no doubt one of the best Munich tourist attractions. Marienplatz has been the center of the city from its very beginnings. It is nice to just sit in one of its many cafes and watch the crowds. Walk around Marienplatz and be amazed over the famous city hall, which was built in a neo-Gothic style. Its 85 meter high clock tower brings visitors together three times per day (11am, noon and 5pm). They all come here to watch the Glockenspiel, which is actually one of the main tourist attraction on Marienplatz. Marienplatz is also great as a starting point to see other best Munich tourist attractions by foot.

Munich tourist attractions

Munich city hall with its iconic clock tower (Best Munich tourist attractions)

2. Old Peter church

Before you reach the top of the clock tower of this church, you will need to climb 306 narrow and steep steps. You might stay out of your breath, but it is well worth it as the viewing platform on top of the tower is magnificent. The views you can admire are actually the best views over the old Munich city center. The view is also good to see some of the best Munich tourist attractions from above.

Best Munich tourist attractions

The best view on old city center is from Old Peter tower (Best Munich tourist attractions)

3. Fish fountain (Fishbrunnen)

Before you finish with the Marienplatz, find the fish fountain. It was built on the same spot, where the stalls of the fishmongers used to be located. If you are visiting Munich on the Ash Wednesday, don’t forget to wash your empty wallet in its water- it is said to bring good luck and money.

Best Munich tourist attractions

Fish fontain brings luck and wealth (Best Munich tourist attractions)

4. Viktualienmarket

The Viktualienmarket was founded in 1807 by the order of King MaxI Joseph. The market was actually moved from Marienplatz to the place, where Viktualenmarket stands now –  just few steps away from the original area on Marienplatz. Viktualienmarket is known mostly as a market, where wealthier citizens of Munich buy fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese. It is the best place for the exotic things and also as one of the nicest markets in Munich. A good option to get to know some less known Munich tourist attractions.

Best Munich tourist attractions

Viktualienmarket is the most beautiful market in Munich (Best Munich tourist attractions)

5. Munich city museum

If you are interested in the city history, there is no better place to find all about it, than visiting the city Museum and get to know best Munich tourist attractions from a different perspective.

Best Munich tourist attractions

The city museum (Best Munich tourist attractions)

6. New Jewish Center

In the vicinity of the Munich city museum stands a new Jewish center and with that a modern, freestanding cube, synagogue. Visit its permanent exhibition, which focuses on Jewish life in Munich threw time.

Best Munich tourist attractions

Synagogue and Jewish center (Best Munich tourist attractions)

7. Hofbräuhaus brewery and its beer hall

One of the best Munich tourist attractions is Hofbräuhaus brewery! It is no secret, that Munich is famous for its beer for centuries. The most famous brewery lies in the city center – Hofbräuhaus brewery was established in 1589. Hofbräuhaus is well known among tourists, but it is still visited greatly by the local people. The atmosphere is traditional and lively. There is a house band playing the folk music every day and in the mean time more than 10.000 liters of tapped beer is drank daily. There is a special place in the Hofbräuhaus for the permanent guests. They even have their beer mugs under lock and have always a seat behind the table reserved.

Best Munich tourist attractions

Best known brewery and its pub – Hofbrauhaus (Best Munich tourist attractions)

8. Cuvilliés  Theater and family Wittelsbach Residence

The residence is known mostly because of its large inner courtyard, which is seen best in the summer, where concerts are being held. But there is much more to the Residance than the courtyard. One of its greatest treasures is with no doubt a Cuvilliés theater, build in Rococo style, where shows and concerts are hold ever since 1753.

Best Munich tourist attractions

Amazing Rococo theater Cuvillie (Best Munich tourist attractions)

9. English garden

The English garden in Munich is still one of the biggest green areas among European cities. As soon as the weather is nice, the English garden attracts crowds – jogging, walking or just relaxing. There are also few nice beer gardens, which are synonym for Germany. Don’t miss it, after all it is one of best Munich tourist attractions.

10. Beer gardens (Biergarten)

It cannot go more German than this – no matter where in Germany are you traveling to, you will not be able to pass the famous beer gardens. Each restaurant or pub has its own beer garden, but funny enough, they are not really THE real and traditional ones. The traditional beer garden offers beer and tables, which you can also use if you do not drink beer. You can freely bring your own food or drink and enjoy your time outside. If you are in a good mood knock yourself up with a mug of cold beer and just do as the locals do. One of the best known German and with that Munich tourist attractions are beer gardens, so don’t forget to stop by.

Best Munich tourist attractions

Visit Beer garden for the local draught beer (Best Munich tourist attractions)

11.Surfing on the Isar River

There are many best Munich tourist attractions, which will blown your mind, but wait – did you know you can find a surfing spot in the middle of Munich! Head to the beginning of the English garden and find the river Isar. There is a special place, where the river is artificially modified, to provide some great waves, which surfers use for their practice. The Isar River is also perfect in the summer and is used as the Munich beach / sea.

Best Munich tourist attractions

Surfing on the river Isar (Best Munich tourist attractions)

12. Maximilian Street (Maximilianstrasse)

The Maximilianstrasse is the up-scale street in Munich. You can soon notice its trendy cafes, restaurants, shops and hotels. You might even see a celebrity or two here.

Best Munich tourist attractions

Maximilianstrasse is the best place to spot celebrities (Best Munich tourist attractions)

13. Dallmayr

Dallmayr is more than 300 year old delicates, which is known all around Germany, but is located only here in Munich. If you are looking for a top notch porcelain, oysters, caviar, chocolate, tea, coffee or other fancy foods, you will certainly not miss if you are headed to Dallmayr. Each year the Dellmayr delicates attracts over 1,5 million visitors, what makes it one of best Munich tourist attractions.

Best Munich tourist attractions

Meet Dallmayr – shopping mall with 300 years old tradition (Best Munich tourist attractions)

14. Bavarian State Opera House

First Opera house stood here in 1818, but it was completely ruined in a city fire. There was no money to build a new one, when the state authority decided to launch the beer tax (Bierpfennig). For each sold beer, there was one pfennig donated for the opera construction. The newly build Opera House was known as one of the largest in Europe, what shows us clearly, that citizens of Munich, always liked to drink beer. Thanks to beer, Munich is now rich for a beautiful Opera House, which is easily put on the list of best Munich tourist attractions.

Best Munich tourist attractions

The Bavarian State Opera was build with the help of beer tax (Best Munich tourist attractions)

15. The king’s square (Königsplatz)

Königsplatz was originally built by the Bavarian King Ludwig I., but the square underwent cultural abuse during the Third Reich. Königsplatz was used as a starting point for Nazi parades and as Nazi memorial. Luckily nowadays it got its old glory back and is known as a cultural place again, where in the summer open air cinema and concerts are held.

Best Munich tourist attractions

Konigsplatzs is unfortunately best known due to WW2 (Best Munich tourist attractions)

16. Olympic park

Olympic park was built for the summer Olympic games in 1792. We can still see the old glory, when walking around it, but to see its whole area, the best place to look is the 182 meter high TV and radio tower, which offers amazing views – also on the near by BMW factory. You can find few adrenalin Munich tourist attractions here as well.

Best Munich tourist attractions

Olympic park was build for the summer Olympic games (Best Munich tourist attractions)

17. BMW World and BMW Muesum

Munich tourist attractions are many, but there is just one BMW brand. In the vicinity of the Olympic park is another symbol of Munich. If you are into cars or motorbikes, you know exactly what we are talking about – BMW. You can find all about BMW history in the amazing BMW Museum . If you are leaning more towards new models, head up to the BMW World. You will definitely not be sorry. Read more about the BMW Museum and BMW World here. For most men BMW World is one of the best Munich tourist attractions for sure.

Best Munich tourist attractions

BMW World and BMW Museum will leave you speachless (Best Munich tourist attractions)

18. Allianz Arena

Football fan or not, visiting the Allianz Arena is always a good option. Guided tour around Allianz Arena will take you behind the scene of the successful football club Bayern. Read more about the tour and Allianz Arena here. Due to Bayern FC and interesting design, Allianz Arena can easily be but on the list of best Munich tourist attractions.

Best Munich tourist attractions

Allianz Arena is home to FC Bayern (Best Munich tourist attractions)

19. Oktoberfest

There is no bigger beer festival than Munich’s Oktoberfest. If you don’t visit the Oktoberfest, you can never understand, why it is so popular. Once you visit it, you will be back for sure! It is a festival, you should see once in your life time! Read why Oktoberfest amazes so many people here. Oktoberfest is with no doubt one of the biggest and best Munich tourist attractions.

Best Munich tourist attractions

The biggest beer festival in the world is Oktoberfest (Best Munich tourist attractions)

20. Leopold Street (Leopoldstrasse)                 

Are you up for a coffe? Maybe kebab or hamburger? Leopoldstrasse is no doubt the right address to unwind and relax. Due to the academic institutes of Ludwig Maximilians University, there are numerous students, who make Leopoldstrasse lively and trendy.

21. White sausage, pretzels and beer

Food is one of the best Munich tourist attractions as well. You cannot leave Munich before you try the famous white sausage, pretzels and a mug of good Bavarian beer. It cannot get more traditional than these. If you want to look like a local, eat the white boiled sausage without a knife and fork, as it should be »sucked« out of its casing, which is actually not eatable. Wash it down with a mug of draught beer, which goes great together with a freshly baked pretzel. The white sausage could be your yummiest or worst Munich tourist attractions.

Best Munich tourist attractions

White sausage, pretzel and beer – best known Bavarian tradition (Best Munich tourist attractions)

22. Shopping

Oh yes, shopping can be one of best Munich tourist attractions as well! Munich has numerous shopping malls, what makes it a great place for shopaholics. One of the best areas for shopping in the city center is the pedestrian street between Marienplatz and Karlsplatz.

23. Munich technical museum

The best place for science and technical enthusiasts is the Munich technical Museum. You will be able to spend hours here and not even noticing. Get to know, how the airplane is build and how come the submarine can function under water. No matter what field you are interested in, from a single light bulb to dolls or ships, everything is there. If you are traveling to Munich with your kids, you will be surprise how well the museum takes care of children. This is for sure one of the best Munich tourist attractions for children.

24. Churches

There are many beautiful churches in Munich, but only one is the real landmark of the city and with that one of the best Munich tourist attractions. The Frauenkirche stands tall in Munich since 1525 and is mostly known for its two towers in late Gothic style.

25. Cavalluna park

Not far from Allianz Arena, in 2018, a new Munich tourist attractions has opened its doors. Cavalluna park is a special theme park, where horse lovers will find its paradise. Kids can meet this elegant animals in person, see how they live, feed them, groom them and enjoy the shows, where main attractions are horses and ponies.

Germany, Cavalluna Park, theme park

Cavalluna Park (Theme parks, Germany)

26. Erdinger Brewery

Nothing goes so well together than beer and Germany and if you are in Munich and like beer, you really should take the Erdinger brewery tour. The tour shows you the brewery, explains you all about its production and at the end includes tasting too. If you ask us, one of the best things to do in Munich. Erding is not in Munich, but S-Bahn takes you there, so you can easily do a trip there from Munich.

Erdinger brewery, the Erdinger brewery, Erdinger beer, wheat beer Erdinger, wheat brewery Erdinger

The Erdinger brewery is the world’s largest wheat beer brewery

No matter what your interest for traveling to Munich is, we are positive you will find something for yourself in the Bavarian capital. The best Munich tourist attractions written in this post should be seen if you are in Munich for the very first time. If you are going to return to Munich, you will realize that Munich offers so much more than these.