travel gifts

Are you also among people who always tries to find a gift suitable for someone’s passion and interests? Have you ever asked yourself what could be the best gifts for travelers?

Best travel gifts

If you are looking for the best gifts for travelers, check out the list below, which Simon and I made according to ourselves. We enjoy traveling a lot, so we are sure that we made a list of most practical and best gifts for travelers no matter the age and travel style.


It sounds like cliché, but if you can find a cute travel-themed piggy-bank, you cannot miss with that. Put a personal quote on it or maybe few bucks and you will get a nice and inexpensive gift for traveler.


Being used of mobile phones and laptops, I still enjoy to write my travel memories in a book-note. But not just any kind of book-note…I really like the ones that are more travel related, so try to find it, as there are plenty to choose from. Don’t forget to write something inside of it, before wrapping it up.

A book or a travel guide

If you already know what destination will someone travel too, buy her/him a travel guide for the destination. But if the destination is still unknown you can always buy a book that’s travel oriented.

Scratching map

I really like the idea of world’s scratch-map, where you scratch-off a country you have visited. The scratching map is also a great wall decoration and with that one of the best gifts for travelers.

Electric converter

I never leave home without the converter, what is one of the most necessary things on traveling – especially now that we need to charge phones and other gadgets. If you ask me, you cannot get more practical gift for a traveler.

Travel insurance

Another must have while traveling is a good health insurance, what also makes it one of the best gifts for travelers.

Travel clothes

Among one of the most practical travel gifts are also good travel clothes. I have came across the Royal Robbins brand two years ago and I am a big fan ever since.

The Royal Robbins clothes are not just functional and practical, but also good looking. My favourite two collections are Bug Barrier, which protects you from ticks, mosquitos and other insects, and Spotless, which are easily cleaned with cold water.

You can find more information about the Royal Robbins clothes here.

First-aid kit

I love when someone gets me a home-made gift. The idea of the first-aid travel kit can easily be made by yourself too. Buy a nice looking vanity case, which you fill with different kind of medicine. 

Travel wallet

I have been using travel wallet for one year now and I LOVE it. I can finally have my credit cards, boarding passes and passports, including mobile phone in one place. I have been using Kånken travel wallet, which I like so much that I started using it every day and not just when I am travelling. Check out our review for the Kånken travel wallet here.

Sleeping bag

If someone is traveling low budget, you can never miss with giving her/him a sleeping bag. Make it light and small, as it will mostly be used on dirty beds, to make you feel more comfortable during your sleep. One of the best gifts for travelers, traveling low budget for sure.


Backpacks don’t come cheap, so this is one of the best gift for travelers for sure. If it is too pricy for you, find friends or family and collect the money together. If you are a backpacker yourself, you know, you will always put a shine on a new, functional backpack. 

There are many more gifts for travelers you can choose from, including the ones you can do at home by yourself. But always have in mind that no matter how big or small the gift is, it does not have any value if it is not given from the heart.