There are many perfect city breaks in Germany, where you can spend a weekend, even though you are not based in Germany. But if you are, these places are even better and easier to thick off.

The list of best places to visit in Germany is done alphabetical, just to make sure, we are not putting any city in front just because we might enjoyed it more than some other. But nevertheless, we have managed to see all these suggestions for the German city breaks and because we like them and would not mind coming back, we have put it on the list.

Best City breaks in Germany


Even though we spent just one day in Aachen, the city was one of the best surprises among all the German cities we have visited so far. The reason is we did not know much about it and what we have seen and experienced, was charming in every way. The amazing Charlemagne history, the gorgeous old buildings, delicious printen / ginger bread cookies. I sure hope we will be able to spend Christmas market in Aachen one day too, as it must be absolutely magical.

One day in Aachen

The magnificent Town Hall (Aachen, Germany)


I have very fond memories on Augsburg, as I have relatives there and I also spend one month in the city during my high school times. No matter how many times I find my self in the city, it is always a pleasure to walk around the old city center, visit the Fuggerei (the oldest social housing complex), relax in the park, grab a beer at the Riegele Brewery. Apart of that, Augsburg has many other great tourist attractions too.

Augsburg tourist attractions

The town hall (Augsburg, Germany)


Spending a weekend in Bamberg would be ideal, but we only had one day for its amazing tourist attractions. Bamberg is under Unesco world heritage protection and that is not just because its picturesque and most popular old town hall, but because of other architecture too. Make sure to visit the rose garden, city cathedral, Michaelsberg Abbey and taste the special smoked beer too.

One day in Bamberg

The old town hall (One day in Bamberg)


Best places to visit in Germany are not just the cities, but also amazing destinations, surrounded with scenic nature. A weekend in Berchtesgaden is for everyone enjoying hiking and spectacular views. Apart from hiking, there are also some other great things to do, like Salt mine Salzbergwerk tour, visiting the Lake Königssee, explore the Almbachklamm gorge.

One day in Berchtesgaden

Some hiking paths are perfect for small kids too (One day in Berchtesgaden – things to do and see)


So far I have visited Berlin three times, but all was before I started to blog and taking photos with a digital camera. I know the city changed a lot since my last visit and that is why we should be traveling there in March 2020, but the Covid-19 changed our plans. Nevertheless, Berlin is for sure one of the most popular city breaks in Germany due to many things, but mostly because of new and old, which have been mixing hand by hand to perfection. Young or old, I am sure everyone likes Berlin.


Ever since I have visited Bremerhaven, I want to go back. One of the reasons is also our son, as the things to do in Bremerhaven are perfect for everyone traveling there with kids. The Zoo, Klimahaus, German shipping museum and the Immigration center, are amazing.

Atlantic Sail City Hotel

Hotel’sobservation deck is a real gem (Atlantic Sail City Hotel – Bremerhaven, Germany)

Chiemsee Lake

There are many things to do in Chiemsee Lake, but most visitors come for the famous castle of King Ludwig II of Bavaria, but you will find so many more reasons to visit this beautiful Bavarian Lake. The destination is perfect during the summer due to all water activities, but even a walk around the Chiemsee town is worth a while.

things to do at Chiemsee

The Herreninsel from afar (Things to do at Chiemsee Lake)


Traveling to Frankfurt is for many just a business trip, but it might be an interesting weekend break destination too. Frankfurt has some very nice museums, a picturesque main square with the half-timbered houses, one of a kind green sauce, boat ride on the river Main, relaxing at the Chinese or Korean park and have fun at the Sachsenhausen.

Frankfurt in one day

Frankfurt in one day


One of the best German city breaks destinations is with no doubt Hamburg. I fallen in love in the city instantly and nothing can beat a look over the old industrial red brick buildings. But Hamburg is so much more, among which Elbe Philharmonic is one of the most fascinating for many.

One day in Hamburg

Explore Hamburg – Things to do in Germany


Most people visit Heidelberg for one day only, but if you will decide to spend at least one night in the city, you will realise how good decision this is. Not only you will be able to enjoy this gorgeous city longer, but you will be able to have it more to yourself. Heidelberg gets pretty crowded due to the daily visitors, so exploring it in the morning or late afternoon / evening, when majority of the visitors leave, the streets are almost empty and the city finally shines in all its glory.

One day in Heidelberg

Coffee with a view (One day in Heidelberg)


Lindau, with the Lake Constance is a summer getaway for many Germans, but even though you will be visiting the city outside of the main season, I am sure it will charm you with all its gorgeous and picturesque things to do. Take a walk around the old town, cycle around the lake, enjoy the views and relax in this wonderful place, which is with no doubt one of the most enjoyable city breaks in Germany.

Things to do in Lindau

Charming Lindau at Bodensee


I must admit that spending a weekend in Magdeburg was one of the nicest surprises. Not only that the city has many interesting things to offer, it is also rich with history and architecture. Did you know that you can find the last work of the famous architect Hundertwasser here in Magdeburg? Apart from that, the city is great for cycling and enjoying the river Elbe.

Things to do in Magdeburg

Things to do in Magdeburg, Germany


The capital of Bavaria is for sure one of the most popular places to visit in Germany, not only during the Oktoberfest. The city offers so many amazing things to do, from museums, theme parks, unique experiences and tours, views, architecture. Munich is the perfect German city break destination.

Munich tourist attractions


Nuremberg might be a good place to visit in Germany for the Christmas market, but even though you will travel to the city outside of the festive December, you will not be disappointed. There are many things to do in Nuremberg, which can make you busy for days – the castle, Zoo, Toy museum, Documentation center and Play Mobil Fun Park, to just name a few.

Things to do in Nuremberg

Things to do and see in Nuremberg

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg is with no doubt one of the most charming towns in Germany and with that a perfect German city break destination. Rothenburg is known as the best preserved medieval town in Germany. A walk around the old town and admiring the half-timbered houses from the city walls is spectacular, but the city offers many more fairy tale like activities.

Things to do in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Best things to do in Rothenburg for a city break


One of the best places in Germany for romantic weekend break is Rüdesheim. The Rhine river, wineyards, gorgeous views, wine tasting and splendid cuisine is with no doubt a recipe for success. The town also offers a great base for exploring the other beautiful parts of the Rheingau.

Things to do in Rudesheim

Vineyards and the river Rhine (Rüdesheim, Germany)


Car enthusiast will love spending their German city break in Stuttgart. Not only you have the amazing Porsche museum there, not far away, you will also find the Audi museum. But don’t worry, Stuttgart is a nice city to wander around too, especially for its Christmas market, which is one of the most beautiful in Germany. A nice half-day trip from Stuttgart is also Esslingen am Neckar.

Stuttgart Christmas market

Stuttgart Christmas market, Germany

Tegernsee Lake

If you want to enjoy nature for your weekend in Germany, a stop in Tegernsee Lake is perfect. It is not far from Munich, and is a great place for hiking, spectacular views and to enjoy outdoor activities, many for kids too. The lake is one of the cleanest and picturesque in Germany.

Things to do in Tegernsee

Things to do in Tegernsee

It is so easy to have a perfect weekend in Germany no matter the interest you have. You might enjoy history, modernism, nature or culinary and you will be able to find it all just in Germany. We travel to Germany each year, sometimes more than once and I cannot wait to explore and put another destination on this list of best city breaks in Germany.