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We have lately been getting a lot of questions about travel blogging. How to start a travel blog? What all is needed to start it? How much does travel blogging costs? We are sure these kinds of questions are asked numerous times from travelers, so we have come to a simple decision to help you – we will write beginner tips on how to start a travel blog.

How to start a travel blog?

1. WordPress

There are lots of blogging tools and platforms available, but only one is more or less a number one – WordPress. If you start writing a travel blog on WordPress, you will not regret your decision. You can do all kind of things with WordPress – it has lots tools to choose from: upgrades, widgets, themes, topics etc. We needed to change 3 different platforms before realizing we need WordPress. We wish someone would told us this when starting with our travel blog.

2. Domain

If you want to look professional you should not think twice and buy yourself a domain. It does not look only professional, but it is also better for web searching engines.

3. Hosting Server

If you have your own domain, you’ll need to have a host server too. It will cost you few bucks per year, but it’s a must.

4. Interesting content

I guess we don’t need to tell you, how important is your blog content, right? You will only get readers if you give them quality and interesting material to read.

5. Photos

There are many travel blogs, who put only one or two photos in a blog posts. Nothing is wrong with that, but we are mostly not like them. We love taking photos and we like to see things, when reading about them. That is why, we put lots of photos in our travel blog posts.

6. Social media

Why do we always need a hard way to learn something? We did not have any social media accounts, except for Facebook. After almost a year of serious blogging, we finally realized, we cannot look professional if we don’t have Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+…

7. Costs

I guess each country has different costs for having your own domain and host server. In our own case, travel blog costs us about 50-80 Euros per year. Not to mention onetime costs for logo, template and of course travels. 🙂

Travel blog is a great way to write down your memories. Believe us; you will be grateful to have it, as soon as you start reading your past adventures. No matter what your reasons to start a travel blog are, you will not be sorry for your decission.