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Most of the travel tips are about money, budget, luggage, public transport, cheap airline tickets, accommodation… These travel tips are always welcome, but I believe we are forgetting on some very basic travel tips, which every traveler should know. No matter if you have already been traveling or if you are a total beginner – read them and remember them, as they will make your travel so much better!

Basic travel tips every traveler should know

  • Travel strategy

You have bought your airline ticket and adrenalin starts to kick in. Reading the entire travel guides make us often confused, as there are many things to do and see. You can easily find yourself at a dead end – you want to see everything, but there’s just no time! If that is the case, you need a good travel plan – travel strategy. Ask yourself a simple question like: »What are my interests and what is my budget? «
Someone travel because of the history, some because of festivals, parties or just to enjoy the sandy beach. If you know, what your interests are, you can easily ignore places, which don’t suite your travel style, wishes and budget, even some people mark them as a “must see”. Seeing everything is just not possible and sometimes less is actually more!

travel tips, traveling tips, tips for traveling

Travel strategy – get to know your interests and wishes (travel tips)

  • Mars and Venus

I do believe most of you know the book »Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus«. Sometimes I find myself thinking that this goes true also for some travelers. The only difference is that in my »book« locals are from Venus and tourists are from Mars. Instead of blending in with the locals, tourists ignore the culture, habits, traditions and religions of the visited country. We can mostly see this with the so called »all inclusive« travelers, who don’t know anything about respect. The most visible differences are probably in Islamic countries, where women are covered from head to toe and some female tourists are wandering around half naked. No wonder people look at them with comments of disapproval. The worst thing about it is that these tourists don’t even realize, that they are the ones, who are insulting the locals and not vice versa.

travel tips, traveling tips, tips for traveling

Respect a country you are traveling in and you will be respected as well (travel tips)

  • Be in shape

Don’t worry; you don’t need to look like a professional athlete. To be in shape just means, it would be good to be a little bit active before going traveling. Not that this helps if you will be doing trekking, being in shape is good also for overcoming the jetlag, tiredness, infections, illnesses and colds, while being on the road. During our travels, we normally sleep less, eat differently and travel with public transportation, which can be exhausting for our bodies. Being in shape helps to overcome these weaknesses better and instead of bad memories on your travels, you will only have good ones to remember.

travel tips, traveling tips, tips for traveling

Being in shape helps you while traveling (travel tips)

  • Open your eyes

I often notice that people are traveling with their eyes closed. This goes true for all kind of travelers, no matter how far or close from home they are. If your eyes are open, you don’t need to travel far, to see beauty. We can see beauty before our doorsteps. Our eyes are like windows and the real travelers have their »windows« widely open.

travel tips, traveling tips, tips for traveling

Open your eyes and you will not need to go far to see beauty (travel tips)

  • Ethical traveling

I will not be talking about the basic ethnical rules here, but about travel photography ethic. We meet all kind of people on our travels… Due to their beliefs, traditions, culture and religions some of them are not keen fans of photography and don’t want their photo to be taken. Even though this is sometimes hard to respect, as some people are just so photogenic, we should do our best … The feeling when you do a photo secretly is not a really good one and imagine yourself, how would you feel if someone made your photo against your will. Please have in mind that even if you make few photos less, you will still get many fantastic photo portraits, as there are always people, who are dying for your attention.

travel tips, traveling tips, tips for traveling

Don’t take photos secretly and respect the ones, who don’t want to be photographed (travel tips)

  • Be kind and smile

Sometimes only a smile is needed to make someone happy. Unfortunately in our so called developed world, smiles are being more and more rare. Instead of kindness, we rather use harsh words to get something we want. Being kind and giving warm smiles is still the most powerful weapon on our planet. Kindness and smiles are door openers to people’s hearts, so don’t keep them only for yourselves …

travel tips, traveling tips, tips for traveling

Smiles and kindness are the most powerful tools on our planet (travel tips)