baby car seat, Peg-perego, traveling with kids

Ever since we needed to change our very first car seat for Ren, with a larger one, we already did several roadtrips, meaning we can now do a reliable review for our choice.

Before Ren was even born, we brought home a baby stroller Book Cross from Peg Perego brand, including a basinet, baby seat, stroller and diaper bag, which is now still in use with his »umbrella« stroller.

We decided to change the larger Book Cross model for a smaller and more practical »umbrella« style. We were on the road by car for 2 months and we sure needed the extra space. We did not change the brand and still using Peg Perego’s Pliko Mini model. Being very satisfied with both baby strollers, we decided not to change the Peg Perego brand and that is why we again ended with the the Peg Perego car seat.

We first put a shine on the Viaggio 1-2-3 via, as we wanted a car seat that we could use until Ren needs one. This car seat is shaped to be used from the age of 1 to 12. But being owners of an old Toyota Landcruiser, which unfortunately doesn’t have the isofix base and Top Tether belt, we needed to change our first choice. We were looking for something we can use in older and newer cars – with isofix base and also with a normal seat-belt.

Our second choice became the Viaggio 1 Duofix K TT, which is good for children of 9-18 kilos (app. 1st to 4th year of age). This car seat offers both adjustments – into cars with isofix base and Top Tether belt, but it is also good for cars, with only seat belts adjustments.

Why we decided to stick to peg Perego brand?

There are 5 major reasons, why we did not change the Peg Perego brand, when choosing a car seat:

  1. We were already very happy users of their strollers
  2. The cars seat is high quality and also safe. It has adjustable side impact protection (ASIP), including high marks at the European tests like R44/04 and ADAC Crash Test.
  3. We can use it in cars with isofix base and Top Tether belt, but also in cars with seat belts only.
  4. The car seat is easy to carry and adjusted from one car to another. We decided not to have one extra car seat for another (grandparents) car, like some families have.
  5. It is comfortable – we do lots of roadtrips and that is why we want to make traveling for Ren as comfortable as possible. The Viaggio 1 Duofix K TT can lean to a sleeping position during the drive, what makes the journey much more pleasant for Ren.

You can of course find all kind of cars seats on the market, each offering different prices, looks, materials and quality. Honestly told, we have been very happy with the Peg Perego brand since we decided for it and that is why, we did not even look for any other choices. So far, with more than 25.000 kilometers driven, we could not be happier with our choice.