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I cannot believe how time flies and that our Australia travel is here. Honestly said, we are still a little bit shaking, as it is hard to believe we are actually going. I guess we will realize how lucky we truly are, when we will be landing »down under«.

This Australia travel will be a lot different from the travels we normally do, as everything is planned well ahead from the Hostelling International team. If you have not heard, our travel is actually a price for being one of the TOP 16 winner bloggers in Big Blog Exchange competition.

Our itinerary was still unknown a week ago, but now everything is crystal clear. The Australia travel will definitely be a wild adventure, which we would never be planning ourselves (mostly because of high expenses). Lots of adrenalin and different activities, so no wonder we are sweating like crazy in the gym for the past month.

As you know, Australia is not only big, but it is huge (almost as big as the whole Europe) and that is why, we will be able to explore only a tiny part of it in 11 days. Well, but I guess 11 days will be enough to experience Australia and to see, why so many other travellers have fallen in love with it.

Australia travel and our itinerary:

  • Landing in Sydney and getting to know the city from land, air and the sea
  • Exploring the Blue Mountains, which is one of the best places for all the adrenalin freaks and one adrenaling activity is waiting for us too
  • Driving up from Sydney to Port Stephens, where some of the best beaches can be found and where sand dunes are home
  • Flying to Melbourne and getting to know the local’s life – time for some shopping and street art
  • Panoramic drive on one of the most famous Ocean roads in Australia – The Great Ocean Drive
  • Trekking around Grampians national park and hoping to see some wild kangaroos

If you think our itinerary sounds a little bit plane, let me just warn you, that all the best things and activities are still hidding from you and will be out at the spot. If you are eager to read what’s happening to us, stay tuned and follow our adventures also on Facebook and Twitter account. We can only tell you one thing – it will not be boring and we just hope we will come home without a broken bone and without shitting our pants 😉