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Bremerhaven might not be your first choice when traveling to Germany, but the city is well worth your time and attention. Things to do in Bremerhaven were such a surprise that the city charmed me with everything that is offering. Make sure to stay at least 2 days there. If your budget can stretch, the Atlantic Sail City Hotel is amazing.

Atlantic Sail City Hotel – review


It would be hard to find a better location than this one of Atlantic Sail City Hotel in Bremerhaven. The Atlantic Sail City Hotel lies in the center of hustle and bustle and is just few steps away from all the best things to do in the city and its tourist attractions like Klimahaus, Immigration Center, German Shipping Museum and the Zoo. The only tourist attraction, which is a little bit further out is the Shop Window Fishery Harbor.


The biggest advantage in Atlantic Sail City Hotel, apart from the TOP location, are the rooms. Due to its shape (sail) all the rooms come with superb views over the sea. The sail of the Atlantic Sail City Hotel is a city attraction on its own and if you are not satisfied with your room views, the Atlantic Sail City Hotel can even brag with an observation deck over the whole city Bremerhaven.   

Atlantic Sail City Hotel

All rooms in the hotel have splendid views (Atlantic Sail City Hotel – Bremerhaven, Germany)

The observation deck offers 360° views and it is especially beautiful to come up just after the sunset, when the lights are up.

Atlantic Sail City Hotel

Night view from hotel’s observation desk (Atlantic Sail City Hotel – Bremerhaven, Germany)


The Atlantic Sail City Hotel lies right on the coast so it is no surprise fish and other seafood are one of their main specialties. Nevertheless, everything that is served in the hotel is locally grown, what makes the food fresh, diverse and delicious too. The Atlantic Sail City Hotel has a rich buffet breakfast. A freshly made smoothie is truly a perfect start in a new day.

Atlantic Sail City Hotel

The hotel’s cuisine is fresh and local (Atlantic Sail City Hotel – Bremerhaven, Germany)

Additional service

Atlantic Sail City Hotel has four deserved stars. Atlantic Sail City Hotel offers modern and stylish rooms with top notch views, fast and free of charge Wi-Fi in rooms and all around the hotel. Atlantic Sail City Hotel has free use of sauna to its guests, what is a big bonus, especially as the North West Germany can get pretty cold and windy even in the summer time. There is a congress hall, where also weddings are being held. The only downside is Atlantic Sail City Hotel’s parking garage, as it is not taken into account and costs additional 7€/day.

Atlantic Sail City Hotel

Congress center can also host weddings (Atlantic Sail City Hotel – Bremerhaven, Germany)

Interesting fact

Building of Atlantic Sail City Hotel, its congress center and a parking garage was a huge project for investors. The amount spent for the Atlantic Sail City Hotel was about 48 million Euros.


Atlantic Sail City Hotel is not the cheapest in Bremerhaven. After all it has a TOP location and its sail alike architecture is not seen often. In fact, the hotel built like a sail can only be found in Dubai. We all heard for the famous Burj Al Arab. If you have always dreamed of staying there, but your wallet is just not thick enough, than the Atlantic Sail City Hotel is your best and still affordable choice.  

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