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No, that’s not one of those moments, when you watch a documentary movie about airplane crashes and you say to yourself not to ever fly again. The one and only reasons is actually our car.

If you have ever done a long-term overland travel, you might already know what we are trying to say.

Simon and I have longing for years about long-term overland travel by car – we were actually saying that one day we will circle the whole world in it – or we will at least be traveling to Australia by car. If this was only a wild dream once, everything became more realistic after we ticked off the overland travel to Turkey, Georgia and Armenia from Slovenia.

If this recent overland travel once seemed like distant dreams, we are now much more certain we will travel around the world by car one day…. Maybe when we are old and gray, but we know that our day will come – hopefully.

But the cruelest thing after overlanding to Turkey, Georgia and Armenia is the fact, we now don’t even want to fly anymore. If once we were searching for low budget flights, we are calculating miles to our next destination now. We only had one travel bucket list once; we opened another one »overlanding« recently, where more and more destinations are found.

overland, overlanding by car

We are hookedon overland traveling

We know that overland travel is much more time consuming and sometimes more expensive than buying a cheap flight ticket, but you know what it is said »The important thing on traveling is the road and not the destination« and we are sure that everyone who ever tried overlanding can confirm that too.