Andalusia travel itinerary

Andalusia travel tips, which will make your exploration about this beautiful part of Spain easier and more unforgettable.

Traveling around Andalusia was more than we ever hoped for and if you enjoy Spain and have never visited Andalusia, you are missing one of the most beautiful part of the country. Andalusia offers delicious food, magnificent history, scenic views and rich traditions.

Andalusia travel tips and tricks

How to reach Andalusia?

It you are not based in Europe check the international flights taking you to Seville, Cordoba, Grenada or maybe Malaga. But if you are based in Europe some cities, have good connections with low budget airlines. We paid 45 Euros for return flight to Seville from Venice, Italy.

When you reach the airport in Seville, the cheapest way to reach the old city center is taking the local bus, which connects the city every 10-15 minutes and costs 4 EUR/pp. The bus stops at few different locations, including the central train station Santa Justa.

Transportation in Andalusia

If you ask us, the best way to travel around Andalusia is with combination of trains, especially fast trains, and rented car.

  • Trains

All the major cities in Andalusia are very well connected with trains. It is our favorite way of traveling, as they are very comfortable. Spain has a good network of fast trains and you can find them in Andalusia too. We used the fast train to travel between Seville and Cordoba and needed just 45 minutes for the trip, with a distance of 145 kilometers. The tickets for the fast train cost between 17-50 EUR per person, so it is good to be flexible, to get the best possible rate. We bought tickets one day before departure, but we were in Andalusia in January, when it is low season. I am guessing, that you should book the tickets well in advance when traveling around Andalusia during their peak season.

If we had more days for our Andalusia travel itinerary, we would also use the fast trains to travel to Grenada and Malaga.

There are of course also normal trains available, but to our surprise, they are just few Euros cheaper than the lowest fare with the fast train.

  • Renting a car

If your goal is to also see Andalusia outside of the big cities, your best way to reach them is by rented car. We have booked a car for 2 days through Economycarrentals already from home. The plan was to travel by car from Seville to Cadiz and continuing our way to Gibraltar, Ronda and close the trip in Seville again. We paid 55 EUR with full insurance for a 2 days rented car, but without navigation, as we brought that with us.

If you plan to visit Gibraltar with a rented car, you should know, that crossing the border is an additional costs, which you can easily avoid. Leave the car on the big parking place just steps away from the boarder and cross it on foot. You will avoid the extra fee and also waiting in ques.

Driving around Andalusia is easy as the local drivers are calm, disciplined and in average good drivers. We always thought the drivers in Spain are a bit wild, but when doing the self-drive around Andalusia, we could easily refute the stereotype.

Tourist attractions in Andalusia

Tourist attractions in Andalusia are spectacular. Due to its history, culture and people, Andalusia is a mixture of all kind of influences. Moors left some of the most amazing buildings behind, which got a totally new meaning under the rule of the Catholic Church. You can find more about tourist attractions in Andalusia in our one week Andalusia travel itinerary.

Food in Andalusia

Andalusia don’t own just diversity with its tourist attractions, but also in food. Food in Andalusia is rich in flavors and colors due to many spices, which Moors brought into the land. One of the main dish is paella, but if you enjoy sea food, you also came to the right place. Andalusia is also famous for the bull fights and one of traditional dishes is the bull tail, prepared on different varieties. You should also tried the gazpacho – cold soup prepared out of mixed raw vegetables. Here are also the delicious salami, prsuto, cheeses. Don’t miss out on the Spanish omelet, fresh juices, local wine…

Accommodations in Andalusia

Traveling to Andalusia is popular and that is why you have lots of different accommodations to choose from. We stayed in modest local hotels, which were clean and comfy. We paid from 40-57 EUR per room for two persons – some even included breakfast.

Seville: Hotel Plaza Santa Lucia – good central location, from where you could reach the train station and all the major tourist attractions in Seville on foot. The hotel has a small rooftop pool and a nice view too. The staff speaks English.

Cordoba: Hotel Riviera – good option if you travel to Cordoba by train as the hotel is just 10 minutes on foot from the train station and in walking distance to all the best tourist attractions in Cordoba too. The staff speaks English and right opposite the hotel is a cafe where you can catch a breakfast.

Algeciras: Hotel Marina Victoria – the hotel’s location is right at the harbor, so you will for sure have a unique sight. The staff speaks English and it is close to the local market, which is very interesting to visit in the morning. The parking is additional charged, but there is a discount for hotel guests.

Ronda: Hotel Colon – our favourite hotel on our one week Andalusia travel itinerary. It is a family run hotel with breakfast included. The parking is not free, but you get discount as a hotel guest.

Prices in Andalusia

We did not find prices in Andalusia expensive – well of course it depends on what you want and are looking for. Traveling around Andalusia does not need to be expensive. We paid from 1,25 EUR to 1,65 EUR for coffee with milk, 2,00 EUR to 3,50 EUR for a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and from 7,00 EUR to 17 EUR for the main dish for lunch / dinner. We even managed to eat once for only 18 EUR – 2 soups, 2 main dishes and 2 freshly squeezed orange juice. Andalusia can be done on a budget if you pay attention. If you are above 65 years old, you also get a lower entrance fees.
We had several breakfasts outside of hotels, for which we paid from 5,00 EUR to 9,00 EUR.

Even though we rented a car, we avoided the highways. We only paid the toll for the so-called Mediterranean highway, running from Cadiz to Gibraltar. The cost was 4,85 EUR.

We paid for the complete one week travel around Andalusia with all the costs from home to home, rented car, flights, hotels, food, sights and souvenirs few Euros more than 1000 EUR.

Communication in Andalusia

Not just when you travel around Andalusia, but all over Spain, it is always good to know a few basic words in Spanish, as not many people speak English. But nevertheless, even though we don’t speak Spanish, the people are extremely friendly and some really go beyond just to help you. When we were looking for our hotel in Cordoba and asked an elderly man for instructions, he just walked with us to the hotel to show us, where it is.

Best time to travel to Andalusia

If you ask us, the best time to travel around Andalusia is during the winter months, when it is its low season. This way you can avoid crowds and higher prices too. We were traveling around Andalusia in January and the temperatures were all from 3°C in the morning to 24°C in the afternoon in the southern part of Andalusia. Andalusia is most beautiful during the spring and autumn, but other visitors know that too, so be prepared for crowds and standing in lines for entrances into the most popular tourist attractions.

Andalusia was one of those trips, which stays with you for much longer then you ever even hopped for. The whole region is beautiful and magnificent due to its many sights, history, stunning views and friendly people. You will love Andalusia for sure, so don’t wait too long to visit it.