Aerodium Slovenia, wind tunnel to fly, Aerodium Logatec

I still vividly remember my first and so far my last skydive, which took place years back. I have always wanted to do it again. It is one of the craziest thing I have done and I loved it.

But not all are such adrenalin freaks that would jump out of an airplane with a parachute. Luckily the technology nowadays has developed a little bit less adrenalin orianted version, which more people can afford and enjoy in it.

Have you ever heard for a wind tunnel? Due to the strong wind / air, blowing bellow you, you have ideal conditions for flying. Flying conditions are so close to the one during skydiving that professional skydivers use it for trainings.

Aerodium Slovenia, wind tunnel to fly, Aerodium Logatec

A bit nervous (Aerodium Slovenia)

Aerodium wind tunnels can be found in 29 countries all over the world and one of them is also in Slovenia, in a town Logatec – about 30 kilometers from the capital Ljubljana.

At first the feeling, where the wind with 170-190 kilometers per hour is blowing beneath you, is a little bit strange. You have to learn what your body position will do and a single change with arms, head or legs, can lift you, turn you around or take you down.

Aerodium Slovenia, wind tunnel to fly, Aerodium Logatec

Waiting for the fly (Aerodium Slovenia)

At first 2 minutes seems long, especially comparing them to free fall from the plane, which normally takes from 45-55 seconds, but when you are in the wind tunnel the two minutes are so short.

Luckily Simon and I had two minutes available two times. The second time we already had more feeling about flying and how to move our body to better catch the wind.

Aerodium Slovenia, wind tunnel to fly, Aerodium Logatec

Myself in action (Aerodium Slovenia)

When I was looking at Simon, I got this strange feeling, he was practicing this without me… and when I was in the wind tunnel, I was all around it. I must admit, the flying instructor had much more work with me than with Simon. I was told it is harder for women, because we are tinier than men…or was this just a nice consolation for being so uncontrolled.

Aerodium Slovenia, wind tunnel to fly, Aerodium Logatec

We got certificates of flying at the end (Aerodium Slovenia)

Nevertheless – flying in the wind tunnel was fantastic and fun – it would sure be great to do it again. It is also a little bit unique experience, which is perfect as a gift for all the adrenalin enthusiasts.

Aerodium Slovenia, wind tunnel to fly, Aerodium Logatec

Woohoo, we did it and it felt great (Aerodium Slovenia)

How flying in the Aerodium wind tunnel looks like?
  • Everything starts with your arrival at the front desk, where a questionnaire explains and introduce you to some basic facts about the wind tunnel.
  • Video presentation is next and after it you repeat everything with your flying instructor, including the 4 signs, which will help to communicate with the instructor when in the wind tunnel.
  • Before your fly, you’ll get all the necessary equipment – from flight suit over your clothes (wear comfortable shoes and clothes), earplugs, glasses, helmet and gloves in the winter.
  • The last part is the long awaited flight.
Who can fly in the wind tunnel?

Almost everyone can fly – children from 6 years up to seniors. The fly is not appropriate when pregnant or for people with heavy health problems.

You can get more information about the Aerodium Slovenia wind tunnel here.