traveling with a baby, travel with a baby, baby traveling tips

Traveling is our biggest passion and that is why we did not stop even when we got a baby. Our pumpkin is already 10 months old and so far he ticked off 10 foreign countries.

I know he will not remember much, but I do believe traveling from the early start will shape him in a different person than being at home all the time.

If your role as a parent is a new one, you might be having difficulties what to pack when traveling with a baby. I know, it is not easy, but practice makes everything much easier and at the end you will realize that you don’t need as much as first thought.

But what are some of the things which we could not imagine beign without when traveling with a baby?

1. Car seat

No matter if you are traveling by car or not, not having a car seat to provide safety for the baby even at home or on short family trips, is something you should never leave out. Ren’s first baby seat is Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SL.

traveling with a baby, travel with a baby, baby traveling tips

So far Ren enjoys the ride (Traveling with a baby)

2. Baby stroller

Having a baby stroller with us on our travels was sometimes a night mare because of packing, but I did not feel comfortable enough to put Ren in a baby carrier from his first day on. I know, mum’s all around the world are doing it without having any doubts, but I think that it was still much more comfortable for him, to be in a basket.

traveling with a baby, travel with a baby, baby traveling tips

Peg Perego Book Cross was a bit big, but extremely comfortable for our baby boy (Traveling with a baby)

We first had the Peg Perego Book Scout Elite Modular stroller (read more about it here), but later on, when we did not need the basket anymore, we decided to be travelling with a much smaller one – so-called umbrella. We again had the Peg Perego brand and went for the Pliko Mini, which is not the smaller umbrella on the market, but small enough and still provide quality drive on rougher surfaces. It is also easy to fold and carry around, as it weighs only 5,7 kilos.

traveling with a baby, travel with a baby, baby traveling tips

Exploring Cappadoccia (Traveling with a baby)

traveling with a baby, travel with a baby, baby traveling tips

During car-bed preparation Ren safelly in his umbrella (Traveling with a baby)

I know we could do it without the baby stroller and just carry him in a baby carrier, but we rather had less space with us and offer him more comfort. And it was also more comfortable for us, as the Pliko Mini has spacious basket beneath the stroller, to carry our photography gear and jackets for all three of us.

traveling with a baby, travel with a baby, baby traveling tips

traveling with a baby, travel with a baby, baby traveling tips

Getting to know the bazzar vibes (Traveling with a baby)

3. Baby carrier

We started to use a baby carrier when Ren was around 4 months old. Before that I rather had him in a stroller / basket – especially when he was asleep. But as soon as we started to use the baby carrier, we became even more flexible and free to go everywhere – after all, strollers can only reach a certain terrain.

Sardinia travel, Sardinia roadtrip, Sardinia travel blog

Our first real travel as a family of three was overland to Sardinia (Traveling with a baby)

Our first baby carrier was Fidella wrap. When I first saw the wrap and its 460 cm, I thought I will never manage to put it on correctly. Luckily the video instructions made life easier and we all loved it. Well, just Simon has its doubts, that he looks silly with it, but honestly, I found it super hot! Sometimes we also use it as a blanket.

Sardinia travel, Sardinia roadtrip, Sardinia travel blog

One of the most scenic hikes we did was reaching the viewing point down the Irgas waterfall at Sardinia (Traveling with a baby)

traveling with a baby, travel with a baby, baby traveling tips

When baby wrap becomes a blanket (Traveling with a baby)

I guess Simon was also the main reason, we switched the baby carrier and got ourselves BabyBjorn Outdoor model. Ren was getting more and heavier and I did not want to carry him all by myself all the time. And guess what, Simon love it, so he is the one, who carries Ren most of the time now.

Schladming Austria, summer in Austria, Austria travel blog

Our little munchkin at 1900 meters for the very first time (Traveling with a baby)

The BabyBjorn Outdoor baby carrier is suitable from birth, as it has a special built-in infant insert, so you can use it for a long time. The maximum weight of the child in it is 15 kg or 100 cm.

traveling with a baby, travel with a baby, baby traveling tips

Visiting Vardzia in Georgia (Traveling with a baby)

It is very easy to use, few clips and you are ready to go. Its small pocket is great for your mobile phone or keys and the baby carrier can also be washed in a washing machine.

Svaneti Georgia, Svaneti travel tips, Svaneti tourist attractions

Exploring Ushguli in Svaneti, Georgia (Traveling with a baby)

We always had the baby stroller and baby carrier with us on all our trips and travels, to combine both.

4. Folding baby chair

The folding chair we have is from BabyBjorn and Ren, and us included, love it. It is so practical and light, that we take it everywhere with us – to a family visit or longer travel by car – we would not take it on the plane of course. Ren especially love it is bouncing and that is why it is also called baby bouncer.

traveling with a baby, travel with a baby, baby traveling tips

BabyBjorn bouncer goes everywhere with us (Traveling with a baby)

We can take the fabric off the frame and put it into the washing machine, what did saved us numerous times already.

5. Steamer

As soon as we started to give Ren solid food, we were looking for something that can we use during traveling as well – no matter if we are staying in a hotel or camping ground. That is why we decided for Philips Avent 4in1 Steamer.

baby food when traveling, traveling with a baby

We don’t leave home without Avent steamer (Traveling with a baby)

The steamer is so simple to use that we also used it at home. We cut the veggies and leave it to be steamed. After then we just turn the dish and we mixed everything up. Yes, it is actually so easy. The best thing is that you can cook/steam everything without being present. We often went out for breakfast or walk and when we came back, the food for Ren was ready. You can read some more about baby food while traveling here.

baby food when traveling, traveling with a baby

Easy to use and so practical for being on the road – Philips Avent steamer (Traveling with a baby)

6. Children music

I cannot imagine traveling by car without children’s music. Ren loves it. I guess I don’t need to say, that Simon and I are a bit fed up with listening the same thing over and over, but hey, as long as our little munchkin is happy, we are happy to.

7. Toys and books

No matter where we are going, we always pack few favorite toys and books. We always find toys and interesting things in the nature, but having with us something Ren knows and is familiar with, makes him feel like at home – at least we think so.

traveling with a baby, baby traveling, baby travel blog

Waiting for lunch to be cooked (Traveling with a baby)

traveling with a baby, travel with a baby, baby traveling tips

When nature becomes your playground (Traveling with a baby)

8. Medicine for baby

When traveling with a baby, you should never give any kind of medicine without prior check-up by pediatrician. Baby cannot really tell you what is wrong or where does it hurt. But nevertheless, it is always good to have some first aid with you like medicine against high fever, allergies.

traveling with a baby, travel with a baby, baby traveling tips

Some first-aid baby medicine (Traveling with a baby)

9. Travel health insurance

Last but maybe the most important thing is travel health insurance. Make sure not to leave home without it. Luckily we have not ever needed the travel health insurance, but we never go anywhere without it.

traveling with a baby, overland traveling, traveling by car

We don’t leave home without good travel health insurance (Traveling with a baby)

These 9 things without we don’t imagine traveling with a baby is not extremely long, but it could be a bit shorter too – especially if we would be traveling by plane. Before you don’t go traveling you think you need everything to make your baby happy and safe, but as soon as you are on the road, you realized that 90% of the thing you have at home are just a waste of money and space… Luckily we don’t have lots of space nor money, so our list of things for traveling or being home is pretty much the same.