Podčetrtek, Slovenia, Terme Olimia

Things to do in Podčetrtek in Slovenia are perfect for the whole family. You can visit Podčetrtek as one-day or two-days stop during your travel around Slovenia.

Best things to do in Podčetrtek, Slovenia

Termalija Family Fun

Podčetrtek is best known for its thermal water, spas and wellness, so the number one reason to stop in Podčetrtek are for sure Terme Olimia. If you are traveling to Podčetrtek with your kids, Termalia Family Fun is the place to be. The complex is done for kids in mind and they will find their paradise here for sure.

Termalia Family Fun has so many attractions for kids you will have a hard time getting them out of there. It was so refreshing, finding a place, where no one looks at you strange, if your child is screaming from excitement or crying because he/she has to rest for a while, being affraid he will miss fun something out. Splashing and jumping around the water is normal here.

Our, not yet 3 years old munchkin, did not sleep or eat from all the excitement around him. He put a shine on the slides, which are divided for younger and older kids/adults.

It is a nice sight to see how adults become kids in Termalija Family Fun complex – the climbing wall looks more popular among them than kids.

The toddlers will have a blast in a special pool with sand, where toys are also available for them to play with. Everything is done for kids, parents and there needs – you will also find a small kitchen area, rest-room area, children toilets, changing and nursery rooms. It is somehow home away from home, but much more fun!

Older kids will also enjoy short movies in special 7D cinema (additional fee), game-room and kids play-room with different workshops too.

We really like the fact, that you get a wrist-ban as an entrance ticket, with which you can also pay inside of the complex, so forget about making a mass with your wet hands when wanting to buy yourself a coffee, cocktail or an ice-cream in the pool-bar.

Cycling and walking paths

If you are visiting Podčetrtek just for one day or more, you will be able to be active also outside of the pool-areas. Podčetrtek offers many well maintained cycling and walking paths.

Olimia monastery

Not far from Podčetrtek is a small village Olimje, which is best known for the gorgeous painted monastery. The monastery was once a castle, dated back to 1015. Later on the castle got richer with the baroque church, which has one of the most beautiful baroque altars in Europe. When the castle changed the owners and became a monastery, the monks also established a pharmacy shop, which is now known as the third oldest in Europe. It is still running and you can buy all kind of natural products for your health there.

Jelenov Greben / Deer Ridge

You will be able to see the Deer Ridge from the monastery, as it lies just above it and is perfect to reach it as a short walk from there. The location of this guesthouse is so popular among domestic tourists, that it is a must when visiting Podčetrtek. You will find deer and mouflons all around the property, running freely around you. You can even buy some corn to feed them or if you might feel hungry, you can treat yourself with traditional Slovenian cooking too. It is a nice place, but due to its popularity, a bit crowded during weekends.

Chocolate shop

Who does not like a bite of good chocolate, right? Just few steps from the monastery you will find the chocolate shop, where the smell of chocholate will let you know, you are at the right place. Go for the pralines as they are delicious.

Fairy tale land

The fairy tale land introduces different Slovenian fairy tales, but nevertheless, I think your kids will enjoy it even though. The path leads you through the forest, where witches live and you can find all kinds of different figures and games too. It might be a bit scary for the little kids, but it is nice to see how a family passion for fairy tales grew into this private collection and a popular tourist attraction.

Haler brewery

If you enjoy beer and traditional food, you have to stop at the Haler Brewery. They have been producing 5 different types of beer – I have first tasted the green one, which was a pleasant surprise. While you will be doing some tasting, kids will enjoy playing at their playground. They also have good traditional meals in their restaurant.

* Aqualuna water park

Aqualuna water park is open only during the warm spring/summer months, so visiting it will depend on your time there. But it is a great place for everyone enjoying slides and water activities. The area is great for younger and older kids as they all have their own pools and attractions.

Where to sleep in Podčetrtek?

Podčetrtek is extremely popular place for holidays, so there are many accommodations to choose from. You can stay in private apartments, camps and hotels. Even glamping is available. So far we have stayed in two different accommodations – Wellness Hotel Sotelia and Glamping Olimia Adria Village. Both options offered us very different experiences, but we were impressed over both of them.

Glamping Olimia Adria Village was one of a kind experience. Glamping has been extremely popular lately and Slovenia offers some very nice ones. Glamping Olimia Adria Village charmed us with its design, swimming pool, playground for kids and private Jacuzzi too. The luxurious tent offered us everything we needed – comfortable bed, bathroom with a shower and even a small kitchen to make quick snack, lunch or dinner. The breakfast was included in the price and was delivered to our private patio in cute baskets each morning. We stayed in Glamping Olimia Adria Village in August so the price also included entrance tickets to Aqualuna water park and Termalia Family Fun indoor pools. You can find more photos and reviews here.

Wellness Hotel Sotelia was our accommodation when we visited Podčetrtek in autumn. The luxurious hotel has all you need – comfortable and spacious rooms, great modern design, friendly staff, underground tunnel to reach the spa in your bathrobe and slippers/flip-flops, free covered parking, WI-FI. The Wellness Hotel Sotelia is not the cheapest you can find in Podčetrtek, but if you can stretch a bit more, you will not be disappointed. The price includes half board with rich buffet breakfast and dinner – including dishes for people on diets or food restrictions due to allergies. If you will be staying in Wellness Hotel Sotelia with your kids, you will also enjoy kid’s library and indoor playing area, where workshops are organized too. Check out more photos and reviews about the hotel here.

Other accommodation options, which are also available, but we have not tried them yet, are Hotel Breza, Aparthotel Rosa, Vas Lipa and camping Natura.

It does not really matter for how long will you stop at Podčetrtek – only for a short one-day trip or for spending longer holidays there, you will be amazed how much things to do offers a small area like this, so don’t rush and take enough time to enjoy them all.