Coronavirus, traveling, pandemic

Due to coronavirus lots of people are asking us what they should do with their planned travels. Should they cancel them or ignore the media and go.

That is not an easy question and to be honest, everyone should decide for themselves. But if you have already asked, here is our opinion.

Why you should post-pone traveling during the coronavirus

The destination will not go anywhere

I know, nothing can really bit the feeling when you set the dates to go on your next trip. Having the travelbug, it is even harder to stay at home. But the fact is, that not a single destination will disappear and as soon as the situation with coronavirus comes to an end – or at least to control, everyone will be still waiting for you. In the meantime, I am sure your home country also offers many interesting places you can visit and help your domestic travel industry to ease their lost for foreign visitors.

Being scared and with a bad feeling

It does not really matter what our opinion about traveling during the coronavirus situation is, everyone has to make their own decision. If you are scared and not feeling safe, stay at home, as you will not really be able to enjoy anyway.

You are unwanted

As much as this might sound strange, travelers started to notice that they are unwanted in certain countries. Locals are being scared of the coronavirus too and some Europeans, traveling in Vietnam, have spread the news, they are not even welcome in some hotels.

Flight and ferry cancelations

Many travel groups are full of questions about flight cancelations and it looks this have just started. Even ferries are being canceled, so make sure you have a plan B, to continue your route.

Just now, we have also read, that USA president has cancelled all the flights between Europe and USA.

Mandatory quarantines

Some countries decided for mandatory quarantines, before a foreigner can set foot in their country. I guess you don’t want to spend your holidays under lock-down, right?

Closing the borders

It is hard to believe, but due to coronavirus some countries have closed their borders completely, so you will have a true headache if wanting to leave the country – if and when that would even be possible.

Uncertain situation

The situation with coronavirus might be calming down in China and South Korea, but it looks it has just started in Europe. The whole situation is extremely unpredictable and uncertain. I sure hope we will be able to leave that behind in 1-2 months, but no one really knows, what will happen.

You are not alone in this world

Not long ago I was watching a documentary about epidemics and pandemics. What did stay with me the most is that pandemic will challenge humanity to confront with the biggest challenge – to stick together and fight for the same goal – limit the spreading of the virus, with our own actions and behaviors.

Unfortunately I believe that the society has become extremely selfish and lots of people only see themselves.

As a mum of three year old boy, with asthma suspicions (the official tests can be made at the age of five) and numerous respiratory illnesses, I am a bit concerned. Seeing your boy being taken by the ambulance two times due to breathing problems and waiting for good news for several days, when he is on oxygen, really is not something I would wish for anyone – child, adult, elderly person…

You might be in a great physical condition and health, but many are not, so look beneath yourself… It is not just about you!


I might get some angry comments, but the WHO pronounced coronavirus pandemic. In my opinion, it is just irresponsible if you still don’t see the whole thing with coronavirus, as something we have to be careful about. The pandemic is out – if you agree or not. If you will still continue with traveling, make sure to be prepared for quarantines or maybe having difficulties reaching back home.

Pandemic is confirmed

The WHO has declared pandemic – please don’t panic, but be careful, clean your hands regular and be safe.

Travel health insurance is not valid for pandemics

Even you never travel without a good travel health insurance, it will not help you much now. The travel health insurance does not cover pandemics, so it is up to you if you still decide to travel.

Additional costs

If you are not concern about any of the above reasons, I will not judge you, but I do wish you to be safe. The only advice I can give you, is to have an additional budget in case something goes wrong.

The blog post sure was not written to make you panic about coronavirus, but do consider if traveling is really so important right now. If you cannot wait with traveling until coronavirus situation is under control, make sure you know the risks.