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I guess the questions what to pack is always popular among travelers, even more if you are traveling with a kid or a baby. Our packing tip was always to pack as little as you can and we tried to stick to it also now, when our 4 months old baby boy joined us traveling.

We did an overland trip from Slovenia to Sardinia with our Toyota LC95, which also have a DIY bed in it. We cooked ourselves, so we also needed to pack all the camping gear for that… I must admit, we did not really travel light, but we did not bring anything with us, which we did not need, well, except SUP (stand up paddle board), which was rented out from SUP Klub. The sea was just too restless for our knowledge and we were also short in time to unpack it and use it.

From the ordinary things like clothes and cosmetic for Simon and me, there were many things for our little boy too. We never leave home without our BabyBjorn bouncer, Fidella baby carrier/wrap and the baby stroller from Peg Perego and its bassinet, which was used also as an outdoor bed on our stops. Ren was just 4 months old when doing this roadtrip, the bassinet was still needed, but soon, we will be able to travel around just with the stroller, what will make everything much easier. Not sure, what we will do with all the extra space than. LOL

Being a travel blogger, we also had different electronics with us… but no computer this time, as we were without electricity almost the entire trip. Luckily we could charge our batteries during driving with a special adapter. We never leave home without our cameras, GoPro, Drone and Split Gadget, being our new toy.

Ren is still being breast fed and because he has allergy on milk, eggs and all dairy products, I also packed special food for myself. But out of that we did not really complicate things. And just in case, we also had health travel insurance for all of us done. You never know when you might need it, especially when traveling with a baby.

Honestly told, we did have lots of things with us, but we actually needed all of them. If we would do a longer roadtrip the list would not really be any longer – the essentials, which we needed, are the same if traveling for a week or few months. This time, the overland travel to Sardinia was only 11 days long, but hoping we will do a longer family travel soon.

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