Our travel plans for 2017 as a family of three


Last days of the year 2016 were for looking back and reviewing what was happening to us, but the first days of the New Year are all for making new plans. Everyone has its own wishes, desirers and adventures and here are some of our travel plans as a family of three.

Before we met our little baby boy Ren in the middle of December 2016, we were careful about making any travel plans for 2017, as we first wanted to see if Ren is healthy. Luckily he was born without any problems and we now can easily do some travel planning.

Because this will be our first year as a family of three, we will definitely need to make some travel adjustments to Ren and that is why, we will first start with some short trips around Slovenia and to neighborhood countries, getting used to each other.

If all goes according to the plan, we will be traveling to Corsica or Sardinia in April, when Ren will be four months old and with that, this will also be our first travel / roadtrip.

During the summer we have great plans as well and let’s just hope Simon will get enough holidays at work to realize them. As for me, being on maternity leave, I am free as a bird. We plan to finally travel to Provance in France during the lavender bloom and later on doing a roadtrip from Slovenia to Turkey and maybe joining that with two more countries – Georgia and Armenia, maybe even Iran. If that will not go through, we have a back-up plan, overland travel to Spain, Portugal and Morocco. We are definitely having our fingers crossed for long holiday break.

In the second half of the year, we would like to travel somewhere by plane as well. This should be Ren’s first plane ride and maybe he will even celebrate his first birthday on the other side of the world.

We are sure the year 2017 will be very active, not just because of our travel plans, but also because activities, which will come to our lives without planning. We are definitely ready and cannot wait our adventures as a family of three to start.


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