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0 At least 7 reasons to visit Bavarian Forest in Germany

Bavarian Forest is one of the National Parks in Germany – in fact Bavarian Forest was the very first national park in the country, established in 1970. When we were preparing a rough plan for our new roadtrip around Germany, we wanted to stop at the Bavarian Forest National Park solely for one reason – its Sky Walk Baumwipfelbad, which…

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0 Finally on the road again

It has been less than a month from our last trip to the Lošinj Island in Croatia, but it still seems ages ago, so it was about time to pack our bags and go towards new adventures again. Lately almost all our family travels are done as roadtrips and this travel is not any different from previous ones either. We…

0 Spending time on the Lošinj Island, Croatia

Croatia and its coast has been getting more and more popular for travelers who enjoy island hopping and with that beautiful beaches, picturesque old towns and clear water. And the Croatian islands offer exactly that. So far Simon was the one, who spend lots of their summer breaks on different Croatian islands and I am the one, who is discovering…

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0 My TOP 5 travel destinations so far

For many times I was asked, what are my TOP 5 travel destinations, but I was never really able to decide, which would be so unique, so special and so great, to put it on my TOP 5 travel list. Each destination visited has unique memories and stories. But I do believe, I have finally found my TOP 5 travel…

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2 Thassos Island – travel guide

If you are traveling to Thassos Island in Greece you must have been asking yourself about where to sleep, what to eat, what to see and other questions if you are traveling there for the first time. We prepared a quick Thassos Island travel guide to help you start planning. How to reach Thassos Island The best option is to…

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