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0 All is packed and we are ready to go!

Woohoo, it is finally the time for our first big roadtrip as a family of three. I must admit that ever since we had come home from the roadtrip around Germany, Belgium and Holland, I was eagerly waiting for the new one.Getting a baby boy in December did stop us for a while, but now that Ren is 4 months…

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3 Travelling with Airbnb

My hubby and I were first introduced to Airbnb, when we were looking for an affordable accommodation in Amsterdam. Our friend suggested her friend who was offering bed and breakfast in Amsterdam. We booked a room and ended up in a duplex apartment with a host couple about our age. The experience was so amazing that we now use Airbnb…

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0 TOP 14 things to do while traveling around Holland

Holland has not been attracting foreign visitors only due to its idyllic and almost fairytale-like image, but also for its mixture of different cultures and a funky capital – Amsterdam. So, what are things you should not miss to do on your Holland travel?Top things to do in Holland#1 Admiring windmillsThere is no real Holland without the famous windmills. You…

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0 Which baby stroller is best for traveling?

We had no idea, how many baby strollers are available on the market, before we started buying one. When the search for the most suitable baby stroller begun, we have encountered numerous brands, models and prices.To be honest, we were thinking to buy a second-hand baby stroller, but being on the road a lot, we had some special requests and…

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0 Texel Island – little known gem in Holland

Every time, we find ourselves in a new country, we hope to find something we would both love. We love hidden places, which are not often on tourists radars and if we manage to find that in a very popular country for traveling, everything gets even more special. Holland has been popular among travelers for years and when we’d decided…

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0 My five worst travel moments

Traveling is fun, adventurous and rewarding! Oh yes, travels can be fulfilling, but travels can also be scary and filled with unpleasant things, moments and stories. It does not really matter how well we are travelled, unpleasant things can happen to a first-timer or to a travel expert.I am happy that my travels are mostly filled with great memories and…

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