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0 Wilderness camping – where, how and why?

During our recent overland travel by car across Turkey, Georgia and Armenia, we got lots of questions about wilderness camping. I guess it is best, to write our thoughts about it in a blog post for everyone who is interested in it and afraid to ask.I think more and more people like camping, but more or less in the official…

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0 LIVE: Back at home

Being back home I have mixed feelings. I am happy to see my family and friends again, but on the other hand, I am a bit sad that our overland adventure has ended.Due to Ren’s fever and already being on our way home, with few more stops in between, we decided we just won’t postpone our return home anymore. Sleeping…

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0 LIVE: Greece never seems to disappoints

Greece is one of those countries, which Simon and I visit with or without planning. It seems we end up here every two years. And without any plans, we decided to stop here on our way back home now too.We decided for the Thassos Island, which was the closest to our way and also big or small enough to take…

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0 LIVE: When you spoil yourself with holidays

Long-term traveling is not a holiday and that is why we have decided to treat ourselves with few days of vacations. One of the best holiday destinations in Europe is Greece, and that is exactly where we will be enjoying some time-off.We are already driving (slowly though) towards home in Slovenia, so we did not want to go far from…

0 LIVE: What about our sex life?

I know you are curious, but afraid to ask. We will not be going into details, but here follow some of the basic answers to your questions about our intimate life during our long-term overland travel.I guess if we would be sleeping in a hotel room every day, this will not even be a question. Being showered, having Ren in…

0 LIVE: How our baby boy Ren is coping with all the driving

Ever since we started our overland travel, we have been getting questions about Ren and how does he cope with (almost) every day drive and how much time we actually spend in the car.To be honest, we spent around 15-16 hours per day in the car. But before you think we are completely mad, let me also remind you, that…

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