TOP 5 reasons for traveling to Africa


Even though it has been 6 months from my Africa travel, I just cannot forget it! Honestly told, all my travels are unforgettable and I never cannot erase them from my memory, but when thinking about my Africa travel, everything gets even more intense.

All my fellow travelers say that India travel is one of the most unique experience a traveler could have, and I could not agree more, but ever since I have been to Africa, this uniqueness is reserved for the so called “Black Continent« as well. I now can say loud and clear, that everyone has to travel to Africa (at least once in their lifetime), even more if you thing, you are adventurist traveler.

If you maybe have doubts about traveling to Africa, ready my  TOP 5 reasons, why you should put it on your travel list!

TOP 5 reasons for traveling to Africa

  •  Landscape – Africa is an enormous continent and that is also one of the main reasons of its diverse landscape and sceneries. Actually the landscape in Africa is a little different in every country, but no matter where in Africa you are traveling, I am positive you will be impressed. Jungles, rainforests, sand dunes, savannas, magical beaches, high mountains…name it, Africa has it all!
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Traveling to Africa will show you great diversity in landscape

  • Animals – Whenever someone mention traveling to Africa, people normally thing of safaris. Safaris really are a true symbol of Africa! Elephants, giraffes, lions, water buffalos, crocodiles, monkeys, hippos, rhinos… Traveling to Africa will reveal you a true beauty, when it comes to animals and nothing can be more grand than seeing all the wild animals in their natural habitat!
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The TOP thing to do when traveling to Africa is going on a safari

  • Colors – African cultures have been very diverse and colorful. Even though the indigenous people are changing rapidly (also because of us) and from time to time they are nothing else than annoying and not interesting at all, luckily some still hold a piece of true Africa in themselves. The colorful necklaces, bracelets, earrings and clothes are even more vivid on their black skin. If you like colors, you should be traveling to Africa at least once in your life time, to really understand the world colorful!
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Rich in colours – traveling to Africa

  • Food – Honestly told, you will hardly find anything special in Africa, when we talk about top end culinary. Mostly Africa is known for their chapattis, matoke and rice, but to put this aside, we can still find something amazingly good here – juicy fruits with a smell to die for – one word; amazing! If you like mangos, papayas, avocados and pineapples don’t think any further, because traveling to Africa should be a must – their fruit cannot even compare to the ones, we get in our grocery stores!
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If you like rich in taste fruit, traveling to Africa is a must thing to do

  • People – Last but definitely not least are the African people. For me every travel is as good as the people leaving there. No matter where you are traveling, people are the ones, who can make your travel unforgettable in a positive or in a negative way. Traveling to Africa offer us both- nice and not as nice people, but the friendly ones are “hiding” everywhere and you just need to find them. Deeper you go, more smiles, more handshakes and more hugs you will get. Ironically to that, the friendliest people are normally also the poorest one. I will not lie… African countries are poor, VERY poor and you can never get used to the cruel stories people have. People in Africa are without shoes, clothes, education and food and this is indeed shocking for our spoiled lives… But if you know how to look and if you really see, they are still happy… You can find sparkles and hope in their eyes… Even though they have nothing, they are eager to live. They are longing to have our lifes, but on the other hand, we are not even aware, how rich and grateful can we be for having running water, roof over our heads, clean clothes and food on our tables….
traveling to africa, africa travel, travel to africa, travel africa, reasons to travel to africa

Indigenous people are always the best reson for traveling to Africa

If you are traveling to Africa with your eyes open and you want to see the REAL life, you will never be able to forget Africa. Africa will touch you and it will be calling and reminding you on itselfs, until you decide to visit it again. If you do, Africa will stay in you forever….


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    Thanks for sharing Nina. These photos are beautiful. I personally would love to go to Africa for an extended period of time. I hear so many good things from people who go!

    • avatar

      You are right Francesca – when you first travel to Africa, we am positive you will be back again. We have already been looking for another country to visit in Africa – Namibia is high on our list.

  2. avatar

    You pretty much captured all the great things in Africa. How can any journey go wrong with the nature, people, food, beauty, and vibrancy of Africa.

    • avatar

      Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your site? My blog site is in the very same niche as yours and my users would really benefit from some of the information you present here. Please let me know if this ok with you. Cheers!

      • avatar

        Hi Isabella,
        thanks for your comment. Glad to see you enjoyed our travel blog. 🙂
        Sure, you can also quote some of our articles, but please do give credit to our site and please do not do copy paste… maybe just a short overview. 🙂

    • avatar

      South Africa sounds interesting and we have heard many tempting stories from there. Hope to travel there one day too… But so far Namibia is high on our list… Oh well, but even if Namibia will not be in our plan any time soon, we will definitely choose some other African country, as we will be back to Africa for sure again!

  3. avatar

    I would say the colors and the people are what I would look forward to the most when visiting Africa. South Africa is high on my list. Hope to visit soon! This is a beautiful post, I think you captured the essence of the continent very well.

    • avatar

      You are right – the main and most attractive thing about Sub-Saharan Africa are colors and their people. All the amazing wildlife is just a bonus. I am hoping to visit Namibia soon. It’s on our bucket list for too long now 😉

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