Most romantic places in the world

Everyone has its own romantic place. Some are popular among many and some are there only for you and your loved one. But what are the most romantic places in the world? Do they even exist and can they be marked as the most romantic? We believe there are so many different romantic places as there are people. Each place is romantic on its own way and all depends if it’s suitable to you too. 

We are married and we travel a lot. We like adventures and being off-the beaten track, so some of our most romantic places in the world are in the middle of no-where. Some of our favorite places might be the worst night mare to someone and others are more inviting. We are well aware that you might not agree with our list of most romantic places in the world.

Most romantic places in the world

 Tuscany, Italy

An Italian region which is one of the most popular with travelers is with no doubt Tuscany. Lots of people even thing this is one of the most romantic place in the world. It is beautiful, it is historical and yes, it romantic too. In fact, we were blown away when we traveled here in beginning of summer, as the countryside was gold in color. Just the views are out of this world and romantic feeling is here, without even working hard for it. Take a blanket, a bottle of good Chianti wine and enjoy the views with your special person.

Most romantic places in the world

Tuscany, Italy (Most romantic places in the world)

Goriška Brda, Slovenia

Not many people know Slovenia, but they should. This small central European country is beautiful in general and offers many picturesque views. One of our favorite regions is Goriška Brda. Vineyards everywhere, not to mention world awarded and known Kabaj wine comes from here. To top it all off, there’s also good food and it is less crowded than similar Italian region Chianti. Definitely a recipe for a success.

Most romantic places in the world

Goriška Brda, Slovenija (Most romantic places in the world)

Meteora, Greece

Some might think that Meteora are just solid rocks, but this Greek region is actually our favorite in Greece. Head up to see the sunset, enjoy peace and quiet, as there are just few people aware that Meteora is actually the most beautiful at dusk. The scenery is like in a Harry Potter movie. Absolutely charming!

Most romantic places in the world

Meteora, Greece (Most romantic places in the world)

Wahiba Desert, Oman

Oman is one of the most overlooked travel destination, what actually makes it so much better. It is not for everyone, we have to admit you this, but if you like adventures and off-road than Oman is exactly what you are looking for. After all, you cannot be more romantic than pitching a tent in the middle of a desert, make fire and enjoy the starry sky above you.

Most romantic places in the world

Wahiba Desert, Oman (Most romantic places in the world)

The Rocks – Sydney, Australia

From a desert, out in the open, to a packed up place in Sydney. The Rocks get very crowded, but even though the area is perfect for romantic city souls. The walking path towards the famous Sydney Opera House offers amazing views over the Opera House and The Bridge. When the lights are on, the scenery is perfect for sipping a glass of wine and be romantic.

Most romantic places in the world

Sydney, Australia (Most romantic places in the world)

Friedrichstadt, Germany

This might be a little bit strange selection, but we love this German town. Friedrichstadt lies in the northern part of Germany and with Dutch looking houses and water channels, it has unique charm. Rent a boat and do the scenic drive with your soul mate.

Most romantic places in the world

Friedrichstadt, Germany (Most romantic places in the world)

Playa Blanca, Guatemala

Who does not like white sandy beaches? For many they are one of most romantic places in the world. Everything gets even more romantic, when the beach is less visited and Playa Blanca in Guatemala can tick this box too. You can reach it only by renting a boat to take you there. Enjoy the Caribbean sea, drink a coconut milk and hold hands while walking down this paradise beach.

Most romantic places in the world

Playa Blanca, Guatemala (Most romantic places in the world)

Dubrovnik, Croatia

It is said that Dubrovnik is the pearl of Adriatic. If you visit it before the big crowds overtake it, coming from cruise ships, it really can be a very appealing historical town. We did not like the crowds, but luckily we did stay here for 2 nights, and find a way to avoid them. Just above Dubrovnik, there is a view point on Srd Hill, which is best to visit during closing hours of the cable car. There is hardly anyone up there, so you will have these amazing views all to yourself. If you are traveling to Dubrovnik with your own transport, stock up with a picnic basket and enjoy the breathtaking views.

Most romantic places in the world

Dubrovnik, Croatia (Most romantic places in the world)

When we look for a romantic place, we always focus on scenery and not being too crowded. If we can drink a glass of wine everything gets even better, but if not, we don’t really stress out. Each place can become your own romantic getaway if you just let it be.

What are your most romantic places in the world? We would love to get new ideas for our next travel, so looking forward to get some new suggestions!

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