Food in Milan – what to eat during the visit


There are several reasons why we love to explore Italy, but to be totally honest, it seems like Italian food is one of the main reasons why we enjoy this country so much.

When we got an invitation from MasterCard for traveling to Milan and getting to know its Priceless Cities product, we instantly knew, this will be another successful culinary trip.

Food in Milan, Milan food, Milanese food, what to eat in Mila

Start your day with coffe and delicious fresh pastry (Food in Milan)

The main reason for traveling to Milan was not so much about the tourist attractions, but more or less because of its food. Our goal was to taste as much typical food for Milan, as possible. Being there 24 hours only, we ate all the time.

Food in Milan, Milan food, Milanese food, what to eat in Mila

You cannot leave Italy without tasting its gelato (Food in Milan)

What to eat in Milan?

  • Pizza Al Trancio

Simon and I are not picky when it comes to food and we have tried all kinds already, but maybe you did not know, that one of our favorite treats is pizza. As soon as we found out that Milano is known for its special type of pizza called Al Trancio, we immediately knew, we have to try it. Even though we are not really keen of thick dough, the pizza was delicious. We have eaten it in a local restaurant Grand’Italia, which is part of the Priceless Cities program. You will need 8-10€ per piece.

One day in Milan, Milan in one day, Milan travel blog

Typical Al Trancio pizza (Food in Milan)

  • Risotto Milanese

Here is another dish, which is best to eat in Milan – you guessed it, it is Risotto Alla Milanese. You will recognize it from its yellow color due to saffron. The rice is also cooked in white wine and even though risotto might not look appealing, it is actually delicious. Don’t forget to use lots of parmesan cheese with it. The price depends of the location, but let say you can get it for around 8-12€.

Food in Milan, Milan food, Milanese food, what to eat in Mila

Risotto alla Milanese (Food in Milan)

  • Cotaletta Alla Milanese

Milan does not only have its risotto, but also a meat dish. If you cannot imagine a meal without a meat, go for Cotaletta Alla Milanese. It is actually a fried chop, with lots of tomato, rucola (rocket) and parmesan cheese. Do we need to add anything else? The price is around 14-16€ and depends on the location.

Food in Milan, Milan food, Milanese food, what to eat in Mila

Cotaletta alla Milanese (Food in Milan)

  • Gelato / Italian ice-cream

No matter where in Italy you are traveling to, you cannot return back home without tasting a scoop of Italian gelato. Just note that the price often depends if you eat it sited behind the table or as a take-away.

Food in Milan, Milan food, Milanese food, what to eat in Mila

Italian ice-cream / gelato (Food in Milan)

  • Coffee and croissant

Drinking coffee is not just drinking coffee, but it is a tradition, an event, time for you and that is why it just has to taste good. Italians have lots of different types of coffee available and no matter how many times we’ve been to Italy, we always manage to taste a new variety. This time we were getting to know the mocchaccino. To really do it as the locals do it, we ordered a croissant with it too. Just a little warning – if you don’t want to look weird in Italy, don’t order latte macchiato or cappuccino after noon, as that’s the time for espresso or macchiato. Oh and one other interesting thing – if you’ll take your cup of coffee behind the bar, you will pay less for it than drinking it sited behind the table.

Food in Milan, Milan food, Milanese food, what to eat in Milan

Italy offers lots of different coffees (Food in Milan)

  • Aperitivo

One of our most favorite things in Italy is its aperitivo. Some bars are more known for them than others, but the idea is that you get different kind of snacks with the cocktail, glass of wine, beer. Some snacks are brought to your table; others are served as a buffet. You will get different kind of food with it and also the quality can vary extremely. The best known bars for aperitivo need to be booked in advance or you will not get a free table. The aperitivo normally costs from 7 to 10€/drink.

Food in Milan, Milan food, Milanese food, what to eat in Mila

Aperitivo (Food in Milan)

Traveling to Italy is always a special culinary experience, even more if you are into Italian food as much as we are. Our trip to Milan showed us again, how much we like exploring Italy. We cannot wait to be back again and to know some other Italian specialty.


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