European destinations to try for 2016


We have been traveling intensively for 4 years and visited many European destinations during our travel. We have mostly focused on less traveled European destinations, as we like to travel off the beaten paths and get to know the real local life and traditions. asked us to share out top 6 European destinations to try in 2016, and we did not have to think long. There were many European destinations extremely beautiful and interesting, but not all did manage to catch our attention in such a big way than the following six.

6 European destinations to try for 2016

1. Pomurje region, Slovenia

Even though we come from Slovenia, which is a really tiny country, we are always surprised how beautiful and diverse the country is. Slovenia is mostly known for Ljubljana (the capital), The Lake Bled and Postojna Cave, but there is much more to it than these three popular destinations.
If you like good wine, good food and stunning views, which you will have only to yourself, visit Pomurje and indulge yourself with its unique culinary, friendly people and natural spas. Climb up to Vinarium, the highest viewing tower in Slovenia, and enjoy the views to 4 different countries – Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia.

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Pomurje, Slovenia (European destinations to try for 2016)

2. Berat, Albania

Albania has not been on travel maps often, but that is why it is even more beautiful and wild. Southern part of Albania is reach in Ancient Roman ruins and crystal clear waters, when the inner side of the country is untouched and rarely visited. We loved the town of Berat, which is under UNESCO heritage protection and is best known as The Town of A Thousand Windows. It is built in typical Ottoman style and strolling around its narrow streets will take you back in time. In vicinity there’s also Čobo vinery, which offers delicious and local wines, so make sure to put it on your agenda too.

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Berat, Albania (European destinations to try for 2016)

3. Wadden Sea, Germany

Who doesn’t know Germany, right? This interesting and rich in tradition destination is visited each year by many foreign travelers and tourists. Unfortunately not many head up to Wadden Sea at the North-West of the country, where you find amazing nature. Wadden Sea is part of a bigger area the Schleswig Holstein Wadden Sea National Park, which is under UNESCO heritage protection. Take part of the organized mud walk and feel like a kid again.

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Wadden Sea, Germany (European destinations to try for 2016)

4. Chisinau, Moldova’s capital

Moldova is the least visited EU country, but that does not mean you have to overlook it as well. Well, Chisinau is far from typical EU capitals, but it is a nice example to get some of the formal Soviet Republic filing. The city itself has not much to offer, but is still nice to stay here for a day or two. Don’t forget to try Moldova’s delicious cognac or if you are more into wine, visit the world’s biggest vine cellar Milestii Mici as a half-day trip outside of Chisinau.

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Chisinau, Moldova (European destinations to try for 2016)

5. Novi sad, Serbia

Serbia in general has been long avoided among tourist, but it has been opening up to the world and is becoming more and more interesting to travelers. No surprise, if you know, that Serbia is home of hospitality and delicious food. Most people focus only on Serbia’s capital – Belgrad, but if you are already there, stop at Novi Sad too. Due to being smaller, Novi Sad is much cuter to explore. Walk around the old city center, visit the fort from where you have great views over the Danube River and try its cuisine. We recommend a local dish “fish paprikash” in one of its many riverside local restaurants.

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Novi Sad, Serbia (European destinations to try for 2016)

6. Cesenatico, Italy

If you are traveling to Europe, you will probably visit Italy too. Italy is a cradle of Ancient Romans and that is why it is extremely rich in history. Nevertheless, don’t forget to take time for a little bit lesser known places, like Cesenatico. This beautiful and picturesque coastal town lies in Italian region Emilia-Romagna, between the more known cities of Rimini and Ravenna. Cesenatico is perfect for everyone enjoying good photography motives and local Italian »Dolce Vita« lifestyle.
The old part of the town is actually a Marine Museum and what many don’t even realized; the canal was surveyed and drawn by the great master Leonardo da Vinci.

best eu destinations, travel to europe, places to visit in europe, traveling to europe

Cesenatico, Italy (European destinations to try for 2016)

Europe has much more to offer than these 6 destinations, but in our opinion, these are surely the best places to start with in 2016. Some of these European destinations are still far from being touristic, what makes them even more appealing and beautiful, when the others are becoming more popular. Make sure to visit them ASAP and still enjoy them without bigger tourist crowds.


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  1. avatar

    Nice to see Novi Sad on this list! Glad you liked it there! I’ll be spending a month in Novi Sad this spring and now I’m looking forward to it even more. I think I’ll add Chisinau to my travel bucket list as well!

    • avatar

      Hi Stefan, I think you will love it! Spring in Novi Sad is beautiful – it is warmer and there are lots of outdoor cafes to enjoy too. Glad to hear you will consider visiting Chisinau too – it is an interesting city for sure! Happy traveling!

  2. avatar

    Moldova is a fascinating land, entirely shaped by the collapse of the Soviet Union and the nationalistic views born from it. It’s an incredible multi-ethnicity for such a small country. There are so many things to see and do in this country despite the fact that it doesn’t seem it would be the case; the food is fabulous with influences from all sides, the people are just as warm as they are cold upon meeting them for the first time. The Slavic culture is very strong, yet well balanced by the Latin influence of the Romanian culture. It must be known that before USSR, Moldova was a region pertaining to Romania, having an extremely rich agriculture and very fertile soils. The USSR has used Moldova extensively in order to produce its wine, and if you were not aware, Moldova has the largest wine cellar in the world!

    • avatar

      Hi Denis,
      we could not agree more. Moldova was a great country to explore. It might not have what the most popular destinations have, but that’s exactly why it is so interesting to explore. We also enjoyed its food and wine there. Also a trip to the largest wine cellar in the world (Milestii Mici) was a great experience. 🙂

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