Dachstein Sky Walk, Sky Walk Austria, Schladming Austria

Dachstein Sky Walk in Styria, Austria is perfect experience for everyone enjoying in nature, adrenalin and mountains. Make sure to visit one of the best Sky Walks in Austria and with that in Europe too.

Dachstein Sky Walk

We were traveling to Schladming-Dachstein together with our 5 months old baby boy, but because of high altitude the doctor advised us not to take him with us to the Dachstein Sky Walk. Luckily my parents were in Schladming for the weekend as well and they babysit Ren while we were visiting the Dachstein Sky Walk.

Dachstein Sky Walk

The view up towards the Dachstein Sky Walk

The Dachstein glacier under UNESCO

The Dachstein glacier, which is the most eastern glacier in the Alpine mountain range, is the most visited tourist attraction in Styria. It offers skiing and cross country skiing all year round. Being a unique sight, it can also be found on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Dachstein Sky Walk

Nothing can beat drinking tea and sunbathing at 2700 meters above the sea level (Dachstein Sky Walk)

Dachstein Sky Walk

Dachstein glacier – year round skiing

The Dachstein Mountain is 2.995 meter high, but the cable-car will take you to »only« 2.700 meters.

10 minutes for 1000 meters

If you think the ride with the cable car, which needs only 10 minutes to overcome 1000 meters, offers amazing views, wait until you reach the top. The Dachstein Sky Walk offers even more spectacular views – on a clear day mountain peaks all the way to Czech Republic and Slovenia can be seen.

Dachstein Sky Walk

Some cable cars have rooftop terraces (Dachstein Sky Walk)

Dachstein Sky Walk, Ice Palace, Suspension Bridge and stairway to nothingness

The Dachstein Sky Walk is made as a circle path, which leads you over the longest suspension bridge in Austria. You will also be able to do a selfie on the stairway to nothingness and explore the Ice Palace, admiring artistically made ice figures like crystal cathedral, throne room, polar bear etc.

Dachstein Sky Walk

The beginning of the Dachstein Sky Walk

Dachstein Sky Walk

The stairway to nothingness (Dachstein Sky Walk)

Dachstein Sky Walk

The longest suspension bridge in Austria (Dachstein Sky Walk)

The Dachstein Sky Walk is definitely one of the coolest and one of a kind tourist attractions in Austria, so make sure to put it on your bucket list when traveling to Austria. And don’t worry; it is not so scary, so being afraid is not really a good excuse to miss it.

Dachstein Sky Walk

Beautiful ice sculptures (Dachstein Sky Walk)

Dachstein Sky Walk

Ice Palace – full of ice and colors (Dachstein Sky Walk)

Dachstein Sky Walk

A memory photo at the suspension bridge at the Dachstein Sky Walk

Practical travel tips on Dachstein Sky Walk and the glacier

  • The Dachstein Sky Walk and the glacier are extremely popular among tourists, so it is advisable to book the cable-car in advance.
  • To reach the Dachstein cable-car you need to take the mountain road, which costs 14 EUR per car. You can avoid payment if you have the Schladming-Dachstein Sommercard or you validate the toll ticket at the top cable-car station.
  • The tickets for the cable-car is not cheap (37€/adults, 28€/youth, 18,50€/kids – after 1pm the prices are reduced for 4 Euros), but if you have the Schladming-Dachstein Sommercard the ride with the cable-car is completely free of charge. The only thing you’ll still need to pay for is for visiting the Ice Palace, the suspension Bridge and Stairway to nothingness (10€/adult, 8€/youth, 5,50€/kids).
  • The Schladming-Dachstein Sommercard is available free of charge if staying in one of the partner hotels/apartments of the Schladming-Dachstein Tourism. Even though you are paying a bit more for accommodation, you will definitely save a lot of money with the Sommercard. You can use one cable-car per day free of charge and that’s not all – free of charge are also public buses, some tolls on mountain roads and Schladming’s outdoor pool. There are even some activities for free or you can at least get a nice discount.

Some accommodations, which include the Schladming-Dachstein Sommercard:

  • Alpenhotel Neuwirt (Perfect hotel if looking for a modern, but still traditional Alpine style accommodation. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. We recommend you to take the half-board as the food is delicious. We stayed at this hotel when staying in Schladming and because I was on a diet without eggs and milk/dairy products, they prepared the meals for my diet as well. The hotel has a lift and free use of indoor swimming pool, sauna, fitness, parking place and Wi-Fi. To have peace and quiet during breakfast and dinner, there’s even a playground area near the restaurant. It is marked with 9,4 on booking.com).
  • Appartements Taxi Maxi (Extremely spacious apartments with private bathrooms for each bedroom. The apartments are centrally located in Schladming and offer free parking place and Wi-Fi. The place is family friendly, offering playground for kids. It is marked with 8,9 on booking.com)
  • Pension Steiermark (Family friendly accommodation located in a small place Rhorhmoos. The rooms are clean and offer stunning views over the countryside. You can use outdoor BBQ area and there’s also free Wi-Fi access and parking for guests. It is marked with 9,6 on booking.com)
  • Haus Lorenz (Affordable and in the middle of the nature – this accommodations offers two bedrooms with two private bathrooms apartment and is located in a private house. Schladming is about 3 kilometers away. It offers free wi-fi and private parking. It is marked with 9,7 on booking.com).

If you don’t need the Schladming-Dachstein Sommercard, another great choice for accommodation is Alpine Club by Diamond Resort. This place is close by Schladming and has amazing views down the town. Also this resort is family friendly and offers indoor swimming pool and saunas. The Wi-Fi access and parking is free of charge. It is marked with 9,0 on booking.com).