22 reasons for traveling to Romania


Romania was a country, which we did not know well, before traveling there. Honestly, Romania was never a country top on our bucket list, but sometimes you have to make compromises in life and this goes true for traveling too. Instead of doing an overland travel to Armenia and Georgia, we headed to Romania.

We did not dare to think we will like Romania as much as we did at the end. We are even thinking to re-visit it again. I guess the main reason to be so impressed over Romania was its diverse landscape, nature, history and also the fact, we did not expect much from it.

Best Romania tourist attractions

1. Count Dracula

One and only – count Dracula. He is the main reason Romania is known all over the world and lots of Romania tourist attractions get the attention because of him.

Romania tourist attractions

Romania tourist attractions

2. Castles

Romania has numerous castles and fortresses, but there is only one, who steps out – Bran castle or best known as the castle of count Dracula. Visiting the Bran Castle is a must thing to do in Romania.

3. Medieval towns

You cannot travel to Romania and not visiting some of its medieval towns. The most known and beautiful is Sighisoara for sure. Sighisoara and its old city center is under Unesco World Heritage protection and it is also known as the birth place of Vlad Tepes aka Count Dracula. Besides Sighisoara, we would also recommend to visit Brasov and Medias.

Romania tourist attractions

Romania tourist attractions

4. Transfagarashan highway / mountain pass

It is well known that Transfagarashan highway is one of the most scenic roads in the world. That’s definitely a really good reason, to put it in your schedule, when traveling to Romania. If you’ll be traveling to Romania by a motorbike, you’ll think you are in paradise. Just note the road is close from 1st November to 30th June.

5. Wild nature

Whenever we think about Romanian nature, we think of Carpati. The deeper we go more beautiful landscape and scenery we can expect.

Romania tourist attractions

Romania tourist attractions

6. Maramures region

We found Maramures region fairytale alike. Picturesque homes are built in traditional Romanian style and there are lots of wooden churches, which are one of the main Romania tourist attractions in Maramures.

7. Turda salt mine

This salt mine is for sure one of the most unexpected Romania tourist attractions. The huge halls, where once salt was being dug out looks like amusement park now.

Romania tourist attractions

Romania tourist attractions

8. Churches

Romania has numerous churches – some are built like fortresses, others are made out of wood. We could even say, the best known Romanian tourist attractions are churches. To see the best ones head up to Maramures region and also pay attention to Biertan, which is under Unesco world heritage protection.

9. Horse yokes

As soon as you find yourself in Romania, you’ll be noticing lots of horse yokes on the road, as they are being still used in Romania today. Most of them are seen on the countryside.

Romania tourist attractions

Romania tourist attractions

10. The Danube Delta

The Danube Delta was one of our favorite Romania tourist attractions. If you like diverse flora and fauna, you should not skip it – it is amazing there!

11. The Black Sea

Our preferred countries for summer traveling are the ones with a sea. Spend a day or two at the Black Sea coast and relax.

Romania tourist attractions

Romania tourist attractions

12. Bucharest

The capital of Romania is Bucharest. Bucharest is not the most popular Romania tourist attraction as travelers mostly stop there only to see its magnificent parliament, which is the second largest administrative building in the world – first place belongs to Pentagon.

13. Bucovina painted monasteries

These outstanding Bucovina painted monasteries are marked as one of the most unique Romania tourist attractions. They are covered with frescos and surely worth your time.

Romania tourist attractions

Romania tourist attractions

14. Off-road and hikers paradise

Romania has lots of wild nature, what makes it a good place to do some off-roading. Carpati are the number one place for all the 4WD fans. Due to lots of mountains Romania is also ideal for trekking and hiking.

15. Traditional craft

We loved the fact that most known Romania tourist attractions mainly offered traditionally crafted souvenirs and not »made in China« things. The only disappointment was the Bran Castle, which offered almost everything else, except real Romania craft.

Romania tourist attractions

Romania tourist attractions

16. Food

Almost every meal includes polenta (cornmeal boiled into porridge). Polenta is served with meat, stews, fish… We are not big fans of it, but if you are, you will love it here.

17. Good coffee

Surprise – Romania has delicious coffee. We blame the Romanians, as lots of them work in Italy and know what good coffee is.

Romania tourist attractions

Romania tourist attractions

18. Mocanita steam train

Riding with the famous Mocanita steam train is a true adventure, even more if you are traveling with kids.

19. Picnic areas

We drove around all Romania and where ever we landed, we saw lots of picnic areas. They were all nicely done, what definitely showed us, people in Romania love picnics.

Romania tourist attractions

Romania tourist attractions

20. Holocaust museum

If you are interested in WW2, you should not miss visiting holocaust museum in Sighet.

21. Count Dracula beer

Oh yes, you can even find a special beer »Count Dracula« in Romania. Honestly told, this is nothing else than a splendid marketing trick. The beer is actually a normal beer brand in which few drops of raspberry juice is added. Due to the juice, the beer gets bloody red color.

Romania tourist attractions

Romania tourist attractions

22. Merry cemetery

Colorful tombstones, comical drawings and funny inscriptions made a normal cemetery into a merry one.

Traveling around Romania will definitely not disappoint you. The numerous Romania tourist attractions will impress you in a minute and you will realize you should put Romania on your travel bucket list years before.


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    Very nice article about Romania Nina, I’m glad you liked visiting. I live here for some years already, yet no managed to visit all those places you’ve written about.

    Safe travel,

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      Hi Roby!
      Glad you find this blog post about Romania inspirering! Romania is definitely a great travel destination and we are sure you will not be sorry putting it on your travel bucket list!
      Cheers, Nina

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