2016 in review – sweet, sweeter and totally unforgettable


The last half of the year 2015 was not looking promising due to my mum’s cancer diagnose. Even though we had been having lots of wonderful moments, all looked a bit gray. But nevertheless, my mum would never want our lifes to stop because of her. In fact, she always enjoys listening to stories from our travels and saying if she is stuck at home, at least she’s hearing other stories and adventures.

  • January

Just few days after New Year, we traveled to Salzburg to meet our relatives from Australia, which spent their holidays in Germany. Wanting to see each other, we agreed the best would be somewhere half way and that is why we decided for Salzburg.

My mum started with her chemotherapy treatments right after New Year and she needed our help. That is why Simon and I were not planning to travel anywhere far and for too long this year in January. But we still managed to travel to Malta for a quick 5 days get-away from the cold winter weather. We have also collaborated with a beautiful boutique hotel Valentina in Malta, joining work and pleasure.

Malta travel, cheap travel to Malta, Malta holidays, traveling to Malta

Malta travel

  • February

We did not have any plans for February, but when we got an invite from Bratislava tourism board, we did not decline. A short weekend trip to Bratislava was nice and it was enjoyable to explore the city even though the cold weather.

best things to do in bratislava, things to do in bratislava, what to do in bratislava

Bratislava travel

  • March

In the month of March we got great news again, as we were traveling to Paris and working there with Paris tourism board. It looks that Paris really has a special magical power – after coming home, we soon got a little surprise – or rather said, a BIG surprise… After 4 years of trying to have a baby, I was pregnant.

romance in Paris, weekend getaway in Paris, trip to Paris

Paris travel

We were also exploring Slovenia a bit and found ourselves once again on a very romantic place – heart shaped road.

  • April

I was feeling pretty tired in my first month of pregnancy, but getting an invite to attend Asparagus festival in NW Istria in Croatia, we did not think twice. Yummy food and great weather was something we both enjoyed.

travel to istria, istria travel, croatia travel, traveling to croatia

Days of Asparagus (NW Istria, Croatia)

  • May

My mum still had chemo treatments, so we once again decided to travel somewhere close. But we were looking for a bit exotic destination. Luckily we got cheap flights to Madeira – Portuguese island, which we loved.

madeira tourist attractions, tourist attractions in madeira, best madeira tourist attractions

Madeira travel

After coming back from Madeira, we also had a quick weekend get-away to Ribniško Pohorje in Slovenia – a place, we have never visited before. It was great to have the weekend surrounded by amazing nature and some short hikes… but that was not all – check out more things to do there here.

  • June

We though that June will be all quiet and we’ll mostly be at home, but we got two more invites for collaboration. We enjoyed a weekend at luxury camping Big Berry along the river Kolpa, which showed us another gorgeous part of Slovenia and then we were working with Toyota brand, taking us all the way to Lienz and the famous Austrian mountain road to Grossglockner.

Big Berry camp, luxury camping inSlovenia, Slovenia glamping, Kolpa camping, Slovenia travel

Big Berry luxury camp

We were also invited to be part of European campaign “Europe, Wonder is all around”, where we needed to present one place from Slovenia – we had chosen amazing underground cave Postojna.

June was also a special month for me, as I was celebrating my 33rd birthday and with that 30 years from my first travel. Check out here what did traveling teach me.

  • July

Before we depart on our summer roadtrip to Germany, Belgium and Holland, we made a trip to Milan, Italy, as a part of MasterCard campaign. We did not have high hopes for Milan, but at the end the city impressed us big time.

One day in Milan, Milan in one day, Milan travel blog

Milan travel

  • August

Our three weeks long roadtrip around Germany, Belgium and Holland finally begun. My belly was already bigger, so we adjusted the whole roadtrip according to my mood. Even though we had a bit slower tempo, we enjoyed the travel a lot.

Texel Island, Texel island travel blog, Texel Holland

Benelux roadtrip

  • September

September was a little bit quiet, but we still have done a short trip to NW Istria in Croatia and visited one of our favorite towns there – Grožnjan. Make sure not to miss it when there.

Grožnjan Croatia, Istria Croatia, Croatia travel blog, Istria travel blog

Grožnjan (NW Istria, Croatia)

  • October

My belly was getting bigger and bigger and I was also started to feel like a big turtle, sometimes having problems with moving around. Nevertheless, even if I was in last, third trimester, we still did a trip to beautiful and colorful Burano Island, which is part of Venetian lagoon. It was perfect and we wanted to visit this picturesque place for way to long.

Burano island, Burano travel blog, Burano island travel blog

Burano Island, Venice, Italy

  • November

Simon and I both like to eat well, so whenever we get an invite for a culinary even, we try not to miss it. November is the season for the sole fish in NW Istria in Croatia and we were lucky enough to be invited to its festival. The food was amazing!

Sole fish, Istria, Croatia, NW Istria

Days of Sole Fish (NW Istria, Croatia)

  • December

We were counting down the days of our life as two and this was also the month, we stayed at home. We were not stressed where to be for the holidays, as this was clear already in March… These are our first holidays as a family of three and honestly told, we are loving it.

family travels, traveling with a baby, infant travels

First family photo with our baby boy Ren

Even though the last half of the year 2015 looked sad, the year 2016 was one of the best ones, we can even remember. Not only because we have been around a lot, but also because we have finally meet our baby boy Ren. Last but not least, we also got one fantastic news – my mum bit the cancer and that sure cannot be a better ending of the year.


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